Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Spider in your wing mirror

Last night I woke up dreaming these words. Mirages and Egyptian Mirrorium (Mirror) By searching for Mirrorium or Mirranium I found this blog about a spider that built it's web in the wing mirror of a guys car. But then I noticed the guy was named Jonathan Spencer. Well my brother is John Spence. Following is the blog and my reply

The Spider in your wing mirror

Have you ever noticed the spider in your wing mirror? Spiders are the most adaptable and predatory of creatures, so its now surprise to find them in or on your car. They can have only been there for the last 20 years since the wing mirror became an adjustable item inside a large metal and plastic casing.
It would seem from my observations that the spider builds its web across the glass from one edge of the casing to the mirrors attachment to the car, during journeys in moves behind the mirror for protection and comes out and rebuilds its web once the car is stopped. Which was the first spider to do this, I have looked now at hundreds of cars, kept in garages on drives and in the street and they all have spiders in the wing mirror! Which was the first spider to follow this path. I imagine the advantages are the reflected light of the mirror and also the illusion of continued space. This would make the mirror an attraction to insects and food for the spider.
John Wyndhams last novel ( I believe only in manuscript form when he died) is about spiders. It makes many claims which I have yet to verify but certainly points out what amazing creatures they are.
The Spider in the wing mirror must often have to rebuild its web and this means it must get a good cost benefit ratio from living in the wing mirror, does any other spider have to rebuild its web this much, or am I making a mistake? Could it be that my sightings are all on parked vehicles, maybe this spider is there becuase many of our cars spend more and more time stationary?

My life has evolved toward the poetry and meaning of things like this. I woke up dreaming about an egyptian Mirrorium and having synchs lately with spiders also I somehow found this Post. Speaking of synchronicity I am Paul Spence and my brother’s name is John Spence. Anyway. the spider in my reality is as the Valentine to Tagore poem.(I think I put Rumi on the site but anyway,, the poetry of this meaning)
We are both the Spider and the Fly imprisoned in our own web
I think now that this has meaning to what this reality and the idea of love and relationship. To follow the interpretation of the Snake and those that back the LIE, Love and relationship can get pretty confining as the fearful probably wish. But with the Spirit I find the Source of Romance.


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