Thursday, July 07, 2011

Pam and a love that allows rather than controls.

The fearful demand You learn the law which is contrary to the Spirit and creates more enemies of the purpose of the cross in nature which is the power of the Spirit to reach to the heart.

You (Pam) allowed me to experience the True Intentions of the Heart. My passion for the Spirit is my passion for MY OWN that the Spirit might Cherish You and Keep You.
The LOVE of the Fathers/Spirit is to be treasured above all THINGS and even above loved ones. For through this love She is upheld. What a TRUE FRIEND SHE IS THAT ALLOWS A MAN TO LEARN THE TRUE INTENTIONS OF HIS HEART. But the women who loves the law hates the man and only wants to bind him in order to get what she wants. Love the Spirit of the father through the man that knows the Father and what the father does the son does. But the man that seeks the approval of women is a liar and a thief. Don't live to please women as to do so is to enter through the wide gate that leads to death. Seek to know the Spirit that IS Your life and increase the synchs with that life. You will be hated above all men by the woman and the snake(preacher that offers her presumptuous fruit) but to be known by one woman and be hated by those that never knew You is the purpose of life. She who forsakes her sisters foolishness and jealousy to love one man is MY OWN.

Love is the lie of fearful women if there is no passion, it is contrived.
Love with Passion is how the Spirit does teach
But not really to teach rather to REACH to the heart
Wide is the way that leads to the interpretation of love, which only leads to separation, (divorce) and death. (Poetry of how love works rather than law.) Those that are perishing from the earth love the law and never knew the love of the Spirit. A woman that loves a man that loves the Spirit is God's gift to that man.

Soon class begins for this nation
Tomorrow, though the seats in this classroom are empty now and the teacher is hated, tomorrow they will be filled. Gold Rush!!!!!!!!!!!!

The intention is not to destroy enemies but to reach the hearts of MY OWN. Therefore the Spirit uses the calamity of the foolish to reach You! If You love the Spirit You will not join in the mob of self right to stone a person for not worship-ping the interpretation of the god of this world. Rather You will give it to the Spirit, for to do so is better than a bullet as there is no reciprocal vengeance.


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