Sunday, July 03, 2011

Wow, I got lost and I found something…

Wow, I got lost and I found something…

The Door is the way Jesus experienced what he spoke

Going through this door reveals…..

For I was rejected, I (Well that is what has happened)

I communicated what the synchs were showing and was humiliated

It had to be that way too, but it is the door to what Jesus was talking about.

So he gave them what they demanded, or they would have rejected him again. (This is why it is said that they demanded a King, a Law and that it was given because of the hardness of their hearts. Now the interpretation says that was the hardness of the hearts of men but it really is about the Presumptuous Snake that interprets without knowing the Spirit, and in the manner of the rightness of man. And of course, YES, the woman that loves the lie because of her fears and because in the WILD, she fears she would die because of fears. (Blessed is She that nails me to This TREE. He did it to communicate how interpretation has never worked. And that “they” would never accept the truth. But he also said it would end in Desolation. And that only those that really knew the Spirit would be saved. But the interpretation they did not get from the Spirit is actually Anti-Christ to the Spirit that was really given, the one that was rejected and they all would have denied him if he told them the truth, so he did it this way, and seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear. But only he that seeks to know that Spirit would know that truth and that truth,,,, not the one that comes by the interpretation.

All he said was what they would do to You if You communicated this. Those that were waiting on the Spirit would be changed. One world is DESTROYED for them and another world is CREATED.

I can’t think about it all or it would be overwhelming. I have to just live each day and all ow whatever to happen. I mean I got lost and found this

I went outside and looked for YOU and ended up doing this video about this American flag that was SWAYING/WAVING and then some fireworks started in the distance.

I need to post that Video I did.

While writing this Pam and I have been watching HEREAFTER and we both are really having powerful synchs,,,, about the MS, the Tsunami, the NDE’s and the broken hearts caused by such powerful JOLTS. Pretty much all the synchs are reflected in the experience related to this movie.


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