Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Prediction of Katrina

Posts related to the synch I had BEFORE (July 2005) Katrina about the biggest Storm coming

On July 12th 2005 I posted on my father's birthday about the Biggest one YET meaning the coming whirlwind which occured on Aug 26th 2005 also related to my father as that was the date of his death. Also related to Irene as I also posted that the Storm where YOU and I collide on these forums would begin on my father's death.
Here is the quote from that post before Katrina
Happy Birthday

My father's birthday is today the 12th, My daughter Rain is the 17th, and mine is the 19th of July. Many birthdays this month which is also a spiritual sign. Pam and I had the synchronicity last night with.
It's the biggest one yet

having to do with a coming whirlwind.

Get ready for the wild ride! http://stephentree.com/whirlwind.htm

Here is the post where I say in May that the Storm that would cause YOU and I to collide on Prophecies would start on my father's death. http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2011/05/you-and-i-collide-and-august.html
Hurricane Katrina happened about the anniversary of my father's death and this date is related to coming storm in August 29th,between humans.

Many of my posts were gotten rid of after Katrina when Prophecies got wiped out.. hmmmmmmm


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