Sunday, March 04, 2012

End Time Scenario

When YOU(SPIRIT) and I collided I saw that all interpretation that did not START with the SPIRIT always led to an end and everyone that interpreted without the SPIRIT were going to have to end in one way or another.

For YOU SPIRIT were always in the beginning, in the freshness of creation. The SPIRIT knew when speaking through the prophet EXACTLY what those that interpret would do with the words, therefore they were caught in a net that ends their life of "rightness" or ends their life. Period!

Therefore the greatest good through interpretation without the SPIRIT is as filthy rags and rather than having dominance that was truly given by the SPIRIT they are but ravaging beasts fit only to be caught in a net and destroyed. Period!

The end time as I have spoken from the beginning of my passion was the end of all who interpret without the SPIRIT. For they will say to ME (the SPIRIT through the prophet) "did I not speak YOUR words in YOUR name, did I not cast out devils in YOUR name, and the SPIRIT will say to them that believe they are right because of an interpretation about Jesus and about the Father that they did not get from the SPIRIT,,, "DEPART FROM ME, I NEVER KNEW YOU" for you NEVER KNEW ME.

Through the SPIRIT alone Jesus and I are become one, for YOU ARE MY LIFE! All who believe this is done through reading and interpretation NEVER KNEW THE SPIRIT.


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