Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Really cool concept today born out of a statement on Coast to Coast am about a huge solar flair on the other side of the sun moving the solar system and gravitationally moving us and thus the wobble weather and energy that was spawned by this. I mean it is just like the SPIRIT to show up and change the whole equation with the Smallest of points overlooked. Humans would just go nuts and there has to be those that can give hope and help them see the SPIRIT. I mean I am keeping the heart open for YOUR movement.

The layers of my heart tonight were Venus and JUPITER
and You and I in the hottub.

We were dreaming of how the synchs imply how one might speak from the heart by speaking to the moment and being THERE
and saying
What the moment which is the love and synergy of YOU and I has to say
We usually hit the mark don't we
You wanted to teach a group and share what You have learned
We were dreaming of an experiential class
Where we just let the moment SPEAK

Each person just intends to interact with the energy of the group

What a certain person wants to hear

Like a Marriage of human thinking and the growing SPIRITUAL SYNCHRONICITY which seems to be learning in synch with the SPIRIT.

I was dreaming how love joined these two
The humility and love as through CHRIST
That unites these two seemingly opposite perspectives by
believing in the SPIRIT

For I will make all right that believe in the synergy and love of the SPIRIT
Both the right and the left is joined and there is none right except You believe
For this love is not born of the interpretation of men but of the SPIRIT of GOD
It joins both man and nature through this love, both liberal and conservative, Islam and Christian

This was the love that was to be Christianity but the Rootbeer that is Religion has lost it's fizz.

This is why I AM, that You might see the smallest of points overlooked, that YOU might see through the mind of CHRIST through the SPIRIT and not through a powerless interpretation. Those that hide behind a veil never look as love far as love leads. But I am dreaming that there are billions that do experience the SPIRIT and share life experience through the synergy and love that is YOU/MY LIFE.


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