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My experience with my Father and what the SPIRIT wanted to share

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    My experience with my Father and this Board synchs of late

    I want to give all the details that led to this experience and all the details of the experience. I had the most detailed experience with synchs about my father while traveling from Stockton Ca. to Ft. Bragg through Ukiah Ca. My father had often visted Ukiah and had an office on School St along with J.P. Ohl. They sold property in the Lost Coast Area at the time and I also put together a computer to handle billing for them in the 1980's. Before I get into the synchs on the trip I will restate a few synchs that led to what we were listening to on the trip.

    First there was the joking synch about the Luigi board and the Mirrors.

    Here is that link
    Pam and I were traveling home from Mammoth lakes where we had a wonderful time and a snowstorm that I got a video of. We met a Christian man that had similar experiences to mine and he needed a ride to LAX from Mammoth as the flights out of Mammoth were canceled. He needed to get back to Minnosota by the next day. We decided to take him to the Airport in LA and then came back up through Paso Robles. Our time with him was wonderful and we had many Palm Tree/Tycoon synchs as we passed through Ojai and stayed at the Palm Tree Inn in Van Nuys. Also Palm Sunday is coming up on April 1st. and it also is related to the tycoon synch. When we got to Paso Robles is where the Mirror synchs began for in the Starbucks Coffee there were several mirrors on the wall. One got my attention as being much OLDER than the others and having a silver haze in the depths of it and I pointed it out to Pam. As we left we began to talk about Julia Childs and dead chefs and I jokingly came up with the idea of the Luigi Board of contact with dead chefs. We then decided to listen to the only coast to coast am program on our phone as we drove and it turned out to be about mirrors and ouija boards which I usually do not give much attention to but it had a synch with the mirrors and our day. So the synch I had on this board was with IAWIA
    So then I had an experience again with the Ouji Board where it seemed the SPIRIT was sanctifying to listen to a program about it that Magnoly posted.

    Fist post
    Odd synch here as I have several pages open and one is downloading into my phone the mp3's of coast to coast and had just looked at this Ouija board thing and although I am having synchs about them I was hesitant to download it. But You have made me want to take another look at it. As when the SPIRIT sanctifies something that in the past has been avoided I know for this moment it can be ok. Looks like that is what this moment is saying to me.
    and the second post
    Now that I have listened to this Ouija Board thing and had the synch indicating that it is sanctified by my synchs for my experience in this moment I am totally seeing why it is so. I am totally blown away and have audio excerpts of the synchs related to this experience. I don't want to post it in your thread but I am in Ft. Bragg California after having a wonderful synch on the way here with coincidences related to the use of anything whether it be Urim and Thummim which is a divination of the ancient Isrealies through the priest or the Board all things must be approached by the true instrument which is the person and their beliefs and therefore all things approached through the SPIRIT that is LOVE brings forth the fruit of love but that all that believe the law and the interpretation are advised to not approach this at all until they know the SPIRIT and draw to themselves through the SPIRIT rather than the interpretations and beliefs of humans.
    Now that You can see the origins of this synch I will get into the actual experience with the trip. As we drove hwy 12 we began to listen to the Coast to coast program and I began to think about my father. As we drove I saw a tree off in a field and I felt it was alone and at the same moment they said on the program "no, I am not alone" and then as we drove by I noticed from another perspective that two more trees were next to it that I could not see from the first perspective. As I thought about what the program said about death each time they spoke of death a herd of sheep would be "huddled" together.

    I was making audio recordings as we traveled and after the first program we were up near Ukiah where my father had been and a program came on the local radio about a girl that lost her father and what she did to remember him. The program went through her experience with loosing her father and how she would go to the place in Ft. Bragg where I was heading right then to REMEMBER him. I have some recordings of that live program that I will make into a video and post in this thread.

    Another synch was that Pam spoke out that she wanted to have the "Wild hog meat" from the place in Hopland that we pass on the way to Ukiah/Ft. Bragg. As we got back in the car after eating at the Bluebird Cafe the program began to speak about how her father cooked wild meat and we had just ate wild meat but then it triggered a group of synchs related to the Luigi board relative to my father cooking for me aligator tail and rattlesnake in Okeechobee Florida where his research facility was when I visited him once.

    I want to place here this synch about the Ouiji board and Tangels Dream

    I have not written the experience I just had about my father and about the sanctified message of the Ouiji board for as the synchs began about the person being the channel and the Ouiji board is a peace of wood with a connotation attached to it having to do with base entities. But I tell You if Jesus was to use the Ouiji board in a sanctified session with the SPIRIT it would bring forth the great SPIRIT that he always was in touch with. So I had a wonderful experience related to my father that was so amazing but I don't have it written yet, but I will. Instead of reaching for Your father, reach for the SPIRIT that in YOU/SPIRIT we all are one and He is in HIM whom we believe.
    Now I will go and piece the recordings as we traveled together and should have many other parts to this story on the audio recordings.

    Just before all these synchs started my friend Brett and I began to have intentions to understand both Tesla and my Father's work more as we walk and talk about such subjects all the time. I know that this is one of my father's wishes for me as he and I were very close and very much the same in our thought processes and he was very much reflected in my life.
    She asked "What passion created this attention to the SPIRIT in your life?" What the old interpretations called "Worship" because of the love for Jesus or the Spirit through Jesus was created in me through the normal door to Christianity. But the interpretation of Christianity is not PERFECT and I discovered only YOU/SPIRIT are PERFECT. I am so odd LOL, but YOU are PERFECT SPIRIT. I wonder why I am compelled to reveal that. The rightness that is the demand of those that believe a person should be thus and so is foolishness compared with the perfection that is of the SPIRIT. A man does not have to appear as those who try to appear perfect for the perfection is in what the SPIRIT completes in him. This is why Pam has learned to overlook what most would misunderstand because of what she sees the SPIRIT does through me.
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    Many other synchs show up in this recording as well related to my father.

    Cherokee Tree Wrote
    if Jesus was to use the Ouiji board in a sanctified session with the SPIRIT it would bring forth the great SPIRIT that he always was in touch with.
    Eagle wrote
    I couldn't agree more...
    Now I have not used a Quiji Board but to hear this program and experience the synch and the synch with my father is what has been sanctified. The INTERPRETERS that never knew the SPIRIT most probably would reject this as they got their interpretations from those that wanted you to worship their interpretation and did not care to know the SPIRIT. This way they could use the interpretation of religion to control the masses. Still because of the connotation to fear I myself don't care about using one but I see how all things are first sanctified and set before me.


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