Thursday, March 22, 2012

Seeing ONLY YOU/SPIRIT during this time of Change

Wew! I like your excitement Kishar, just don't let it worry ya!

Don't let it bother You as a whole lot is going to happen in a short amount of time. I don't like to get too emotional about the synchs, just about reaching my own, that is where I want to put the energy. When I put it on the promise that YOU/SPIRIT gave to me, I get the best synchs that are irrefutable. This I also give to my own, as Pam is one with me, and knows that this promise is also hers when she keeps the SPIRIT first. The storms and shakes must come but they are not meant for who's heart is on the SPIRIT. What I concentrate on is the JOY of seeing only YOU and how YOU will reach my own. This keeps me from getting entangled in the process, or loosing sight ofYOUR FACE. Once someone is reached to the heart they also should let go of all fear by seeing ONLY YOU as "YOU ARE ABLE" to keep those that KEEP THEIR HEART ON YOU in perfect peace, because they know they have been reached now they know they also are safe in YOU. I realized when the synchs began that the interpretation would not keep one safe, only the LOVE that truly comes from the SPIRIT of the father keeps one safe. .

My place was not to be what was already done in the way of showing the father, my place was to show what was overlooked by interpretation by being "the least of them" and by letting YOU/SPIRIT do it through me. There are a whole lot of people with true intention of heart that have passed through religion and left it behind for the SPIRIT. Like my Mother, who loves the SPIRIT so much and seeks only to KNOW YOU in her own way. My mother has learned in her own way that she does nothing, but it is the SPIRIT OF GOD that is the one that must live through her.


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