Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Sacred Trust being broken, PUBLIC SERVICE and in law enforcement.

We encourage all to allow their lives to fulfill the demands of law enforcement and those in leadership but let it be known that a sacred trust is being broken in this country in ever increasing frequency because of the Presumption of Authority without the True intention of Heart related to the SPIRIT. Reference link1 link2 link3 link4

I need to post this as a sacred trust is being broken related to the presumption of Authority without the true intention of heart of the SPIRIT by those in PUBLIC SERVICE and in law enforcement. Like creating crisis in order to increase profits which is a sign they believe they own the public. And law enforcement increasingly setting traps for law abiding citizens in places where they might touch the yellow line in order to meet city budgets. This is actually
law enforcement going over the line. It is very important that this message not be accompanied with any violence or fighting the rich or law enforcement as all is already done and the SPIRIT will reveal their hearts using their own right hand to reveal their hearts and intent as in PERFECT LOVE IS BETTER THAN A BULLET. This is merely a call for a return to HUMILITY in PUBLIC SERVICE which is all but forgotten in this last generation. The arrogant misuse of power by Congress and Law Enforcement and world leaders is at an all time high and the least of them is given power over these to reach the hearts of humans. Let the letter of their own law turn and devour those in public service that are hiding. We do not ask that those that want to serve with true intent leave their post but that they stay and let their own worlds change according to the SPIRIT while those that have used the law to their advantage have their hearts revealed at this time.

Those that have changed everything to owning property and kick the least of them off lands and out of homes or tents will have even what they believe they possess taken from them. For they never knew the true intention of the heart of "to whom much is given, much is required".
Those that believe they are the law because of their position and used the law in a manner that it was not designed for will themselves have the letter of the law come down on them. This includes religious that never knew the SPIRIT yet used an interpretation to help put anyone such as deemed a criminal to death because they felt they were right, yet they did not get their interpretation from the SPIRIT.
The wealthy that have used their wealth to manipulate without true intent will find that having wealth without first having the SPIRIT is as worthless as having lungs but not having oxygen.

Mendocino County Law Enforcement set a trap for money and this trap WILL turn on them. People travel to the coast to escape what Mendocino Law Enforcement is doing. But when what they are doing begins to effect the businesses in the area the smallest of points overlooked reveals "what has it profited them to gain a few buck while loosing all respect" as those in law enforcement without true intention of heart ARE CRIMINALS.


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