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The Storm Predictions and what some did not want You to see on Prophecies.us

  1. Cool The Storm Predictions and what some did not want You to see on Prophecies.us

    The beginning of the Storms in April 2011 and the Storms on Prophecies.us Posted this at 3am Tuesday morning

    This is what some did not want You to see on Prophecies as to why it was hidden

    The news article about the Storms beginning in April 2011

    Presumption was the trigger that started the Storm on Prophecies.us. The manipulation to ban me. And it is the reason every person denied me as I was being banned.

    Being Banned from Prophecies.us

    See ScarletandTom in the next posts as I came back leading up to the Storm

    The Tree that hit my Daughter Rain's House was the beginning of reaching her to the heart.

    The date of Aug 26th stated on Aug 9th as the date of the great Storm

    More about the message of Hurricane Irene the day before it hit 25thS

    The other Storms that were approaching and how the SPIRIT said they would not be a factor index and index1

    New Beginning after the Storm

    After the Storm

    Need to see the correlation between Storms and the intentions occurring at given times,,, also the Stonehenge idea of where things are placed at different times of the years before manifestations and at what moment.

    I have all the posts by ScarletandTom and will post more as I can
    She asked "What passion created this attention to the SPIRIT in your life?" What the old interpretations called "Worship" because of the love for Jesus or the Spirit through Jesus was created in me through the normal door to Christianity. But the interpretation of Christianity is not PERFECT and I discovered only YOU/SPIRIT are PERFECT. I am so odd LOL, but YOU are PERFECT SPIRIT. I wonder why I am compelled to reveal that. The rightness that is the demand of those that believe a person should be thus and so is foolishness compared with the perfection that is of the SPIRIT. A man does not have to appear as those who try to appear perfect for the perfection is in what the SPIRIT completes in him. This is why Pam has learned to overlook what most would misunderstand because of what she sees the SPIRIT does through me. dnatree
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    I will also should put the post here on May 21st related to being banned and how folks would not treat the SPIRIT when IT SPEAKS through the STORM.

    Whale Breaching synchs and events related to the STORM reaching my FAMILY and LOVED ONES.

    I actually did not know that I had put this in near death experience just before the NDE happened to Raine's Mother.


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