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I was writing on the plane this morning. 

Water to Wine
Words of SPIRIT changed to Experience
In Relationship
Included in this story is also the experience of two loved ones namely my mother and myself gaining mutual respect through a powerful storm that passed between us. Like the storm that caused so many on the forums to COLLIDE with SPIRIT, a similar experience occurred that revealed mutual respect between us and changed our relationship in a fundamental way. I will not go into it here but suffice it to say truth is a two edged sword that reveals in both parties how the other requires respect. Like my experiences that seem so strange and foreign to many (especially those that require simple instructions and are looking for someone to lead them ) Such experiences that act as layers that can be referred to later in life are not readily accepted. Such an experience occurred that reached my mother deeply and is causing her to deal with her views about my “synchs” and I also am being asked to work on delivery so that what I am saying is not so offending. I imagine a lot of folks on the forums also having the same issues with the synchs. Let me just say this, the experience of late has revealed that if the two parties do not have love for each other then no progress will probably be made. It also needs to be remembered that I am not doing this to reveal I am right and others are wrong but to show why when that moment comes that all find they are presumptuous, and it WILL COME, that each will see that my intentions were to help you see what was meant by the fact that there is nothing that can be learned that will help SAVE you from what You misunderstand for learning is not going to help in the moment the Smallest of points overlooked is revealed. Only experience with SPIRIT will help You recognize what is needed in THAT MOMENT. Because You cannot learn what is not available in “knowledge” for when things change. You can only be ready by being used to getting your truth for this moment from the SPIRIT and doing it in each moment. If you were to go out on a limb to experience the kind of thing that is necessary to develop “trust” that all the LEARNING can never create in You.

So marriage brings two very different realities together and love through the SPIRIT is meant to integrate them. But who can marry whom never first married the SPIRIT and integrated first through love with the SPIRIT.

Even when those that collide with the SPIRIT and even come to know that they have overlooked so much and been presumptuous, even these would deny the SPIRIT again and again and again and again………………………….. For You have no idea what I is being said here even yet. For the path to integrating with the SPIRIT is beyond anything You can interpret and it not even able to be taught by words but only by experience with SPIRIT through love. To think You will even begin by saying OK, I accept that this was really what Jesus meant by “all will deny me” is presumption still! Consider how EVERY SINGLE PERSON would have denied me too when I spoke of the presumption of humans and especially those that believe they know the heart of man that this was what was meant at the time Jesus was arrested and misunderstood and all like in this case would want to distance themselves from the one they really never knew anyway and they would all believe they know yet whom would trust SPIRIT as through Jesus. So it is that such a great grace is present in our total and complete misunderstanding. If I were to begin to say what is really the truth even to those believing they see humans are presumptuous because of how the SPIRIT spoke through Hurricane Irene I tell You even the most accepting of these would deny me again and again and again even to the point that they would kill me also IF I WAS TO SAY THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT HUMANS ARE REALLY PRESUMPTUOUS ABOUT. So, You will not learn from even me, but only through first learning trust of SPIRIT and then the broken heart of an experience that a man would have should he follow his heart completely.

Furthermore, consider also that the fact that Jesus did not say a person such as he would appear to be would not come first but a person rather that seemed lawless and a person that all would say was as a beast. A person Jesus KNEW all would deny him also because what YOU/JESUS appeared to be as he spoke only what the SPIRIT spoke through him would make him appear the way “THEY” expected the son of GOD to appear. (seeing they will not see, hearing they will not hear, otherwise they would destroy the message) But what Jesus was really saying was a person would come that would be really as I am and really You NEVER KNEW ME.

So even though one might see the synchs and hear these words what it really is that reveals why all would deny Me/Them also if they were to experience the truth as through SPIRIT and say what it really is, yes “THEY” would once again Kill HIM. So it is that the synch reveals ALL DENIED ME and then the storm proved them all wrong. ALL interpretations are a lie as they did not come from the SPIRIT and the truth is the opposite direction from all who interpret. This was the reason why truth cannot be taught through interpretation and words, but only through SPIRIT and only to the INDIVIDUAL and not to the group as through a teacher. Therefore Jesus said “The SPIRIT will lead you into all truth.” Or else we all would say, no the truth is what Jesus said and the church interprets.

Yes, my family has changed so much and the love and passion are so great among all of us. But if one of us were to learn the truth and put it into words and tell the others STILL THE OTHERS WOULD DENY THEM. This is how far from understanding all humans are and why the ones that have been blamed and killed on this planet are considered sacrifice enough and that when You also find the truth through the SPIRIT it WILL BREAK YOUR HEART, and You will not be able to get them to UNDERSTAND VIA INTERPRETATION OR ANY OTHER MANNER THAT TO REFER THEM TO THE SPIRIT. And You too will see that ALL INTERPRETATION is anti-CHRIST/the opposite direction from the real meaning. Or the beast and the lie are at their height already even among the greatest according to interpretation.



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