Friday, April 20, 2012

My response to the article about North Korea and how much the country spends on their Official Website

North Korea's Official Website Cost About $15

I know when I lost everything once in my life and learned to start over with very little there was so much you could do with just a few bucks if you focus it right. I know when each system dies or goes through such a major change the first thing to do is "pay" attention to what is really important. I can learn from my enemies as well as those who take more than nature has designed this wondrous life to require. After all "My moments with YOU, MY LIFE, I treasure!!!" The smallest of points overlooked by all the learned, will alter everything and render all the interpretations about what is important as rubbish. Arrogance about money would only fuel their passion to undermine the west. I remember a Spirit when I was young that my father taught me that he respected about China, and that is that they would respond in humility not wanting to piss off an enemy that would only seek to misunderstand any response. Mutual respect, not because we in the west are rich and these are so pitifully poor, but because such arrogance often proceeds a great fall. Humility in public service might also be looked upon as a greater method of protecting your countrymen instead of the arrogant scandals that have taken to the news of late..


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