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Care and the Geese synch

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LunaBaby wrote:
Thomas James Haller wrote:
Now this is a really unusual story. My brother Ed decided to go on vacation and camp out in the middle of Maine, and he made friends with these couples camping out in the same remote campground as my brother. My brother tells these people about what happened to me, and he must have mentioned what happened to our father when he fell off a ladder and broke his femur really bad. Well one of the women he was talking to is the daughter of a doctor in the orthopedic group that's working on me, and she said she remembered her father talking about my fathers' injury, which was really unusual.

One of the women (not the doctor's daughter) called my mother to wish me well.

It's a strange world we live in!

I thought it was going to be Mr. & Mrs. leaf since they were headed to Maine last time I heard. Very Happy

We are at Craignair Inn and their server was down so I could not check in yet, BUT my whole morning has been about the word "CARE" as that is the second chapter in the book this morning from my Christian friend Peter and my thoughts have been about You Thomas. You have to see this video about the geese landing on the water and the geese are even now honking outside the window of our room. I have some vids of my thoughts of You also this morning. Yes, the SPIRIT is very clear here in my moments and I have to tell You about my moments related to You Thomas this morning, for as I was walking in the garden alone there were two rainbows at 6am and as I just finished a video and shut it off the geese landed in the water honking so loud. We told the owners Joanne and Mike that we would stay another night because of the level of CARE we are experiencing. After my experience alone with YOU/SPIRIT this morning I was moved by the SPIRIT to also WALK with Pam and Talk with Pam as the SPIRIT had also shared with Me and the thoughts of my Grandchildren and the lighthouses.


Videos of Pam and I at Craignair Inn in Spruce Head Maine

Geese honking 6am

My First Video at 6AM
While the dew is still on the roses
And HE/SPIRIT walks with Me and HE talks with Me. And HE tells me I AM HIS OWN.


You can change the sam_number and get many pics about this trip and even some from before.

Geese honking in flight encourages those ahead to keep up the speed


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