Monday, September 17, 2012

Islands at War Synch

The Blue Heron 

We began to walk in the bird sanctuary after getting back from Maine and the synchs of late are speaking through our experience. First as we walked the trail a Blue Heron purposely got my attention by flying into our path and onto a branch where it appealed to me to see what it was experiencing. Sorry we forgot the hd camera but the bird can be seen in the branches. I also felt that this was saying that someone knew of something and wanted to warn me but could not speak because of a "fish" caught in it's throat. We alerted the Park Officials to the birds plight. It seems this is not a rare thing for Blue Herons. 

Islands at War 
What with Mom watching the british show Islands at War and our synchs in Maine with the military I am feeling something is afoot. 
View of Islands from Cadillac Mountain 

As we walked a number of coincidences which are spelled out in these following videos came together 

The German attack off the Maine coast 

The odd lack of Military in Maine which is important to allow Maine to ReMaine Maine 

Pam and I playing army at one of the garrisons 

The news of a German sub in Maine 

Maine and Islands at War 


Let Maine ReMaine Maine 

Something Moving in the Bushes 

Found this in a bathroom at a Creamery 
Synergy is the combining of two separate things to create something greater,,, Dream


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