Sunday, December 02, 2012

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The wonderful thing that lifted all the burden from me was when I SAW that YOU  were to do all this through ME and I did not have to DO IT. For We ALL know we would fail in our flesh. We were never to have to do it but to surrender and the SPIRIT will do all that needs to be done through us. The lie the world offers is that reading the scriptures or saying specific prayers or trying to be good is necessary but ALL that is necessary is to put all Your love toward KNOWING YOU/SPIRIT that is MY LIFE.

Each day I seek to know YOU by looking for YOU in my moments. And Just like meeting a person and each day coming to know that person through experiences with that person and NOT words ABOUT that person, little by little YOU/the tree of LIFE grows within Me. This is the lie that has become religion is that the words learned is YOU, but as Jesus and the other prophets, Moses and even Mohammad put out words these words were only to make You see the SPIRIT they knew but those words were not the ones that hold power for You until You come to know SPIRIT through the same longing they had. That does not mean acting like them as religion interprets. But through each experience with SPIRIT BELIEVING for SPIRIT IS LIFE, You know beyond all the worlds telling You that You must follow their interpretation, You KNOW what You experience is right!!!! All who follow interpretation will have that veil lifted to see how empty their life was but those that have the veil torn/lifted now will have no shame. Even though the world tried to shame them utterly for their love.

This is LOVE that I give [url=http://www.stephentree.com/yi.htm]ALL MY LOVE TO SPIRIT
That there is ONLY YOU AND I as I only SEE YOU[/url]
That I see what YOU are seeing in this MOMENT in each person I meet (It is better not to be around people until I see only YOU)

So we can say that there is ONLY YOU AND I/MY LIFE as it will be eternally.

A synch is a walking dream that You know is from SPIRIT and it is LOVE. For to stay in synch with SPIRIT will allow the only TRUE LOVE to flow through You out into the world. The rest of what we call love that is contrived by the flesh is not.

Example: I was driving east on Hwy 46 alone from San Simeon and it was raining a little but a song came on the radio as I was wanting an example of the AWE that is LOVE that is from YOU. Well, what song came on the radio but.

[url=http://www.metrolyrics.com/thats-amore-lyrics-dean-martin.html]When the moon hits your eye[/url]
Like a big pizza pie, that's amore
When the world seems to shine
Like you've had too much wine, that's amore

It is everything that is happening when there is only YOU and I my life and what is happening right now.
That's exactly my experience with the synchs and the full moon of late, love is not what happened long ago but what is happening now between SPIRIT and I. It became love between others as it was shared. We call the magic when we are looking for love Romance but I am here to tell You ROMANCE STARTS WITH THE SPIRIT. No matter Your problems. No matter how close death seems to be, You are alive in this moment and the original idea of worship is actually ROMANCE WITH SPIRIT, and if You are breathing forget everything except what is happening between You and SPIRIT in this moment and get ready for the MIRACLES to begin.

As I traveled alone and walked alone I had many experiences about what I am saying here. Don't try to be good if You have something others think is wrong with You forget it and put Your attention here and IF You need to be anything, learn to allow the SPIRIT to change You and not be like those that love appearance but inside they of course are hateful. Loved this [url=http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2012/11/24]Ted Dekker program about love and he sure seems to have experienced the synchs with the subject[/url]. When someone says something is wrong about You just realize how little they know the SPIRIT and it will not bother You.

When YOU/SPIRIT broke my heart through love with a woman I had to make YOU/SPIRIT my darling, my baby! (As YOU filled that emptyness, for though YOU slay me "as life will" yet do I LOVE YOU) After coming to KNOW YOU I see YOU in them. So when I call my roommate "darling" it means so much more. When I called my bird "darling" as I opened his cage it means so much more. Now as I call You darling (Yes even You Jonathan) You can glimpse who it is [b]I am speaking to in You![/b]!


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