Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Day the Drones came Back

The Day the Drones came Back

It was like that comic from earlier in this century of the war of the worlds and people running from the explosions and we always thought that we were the ones to punish them and not that others would turn and use them against us. That changed everything for our fellow citizens when they saw what our government had sowed and we now reaped.

So I was thinking of what the world would feel if this did happen, because the whole world has followed after the west and this has led to a real problem with the ethosphere as those that used to uphold the intent of the turtle and the bear have had their ways that came from the SPIRIT stolen because those that follow the interpretation without the SPIRIT of JESUS CHRIST overlooked the fact that those with great attention to SPIRIT was what Jesus was saying and now there is a lack of synergy in the prayers for the planet and this smallest of points overlooked by those that believe they know because of having read a book is going to cause a great event/shift that will reach the whole world to the heart but those hiding behind religion such as Christianity without SPIRIT will have their interpretation become such a stumbling block that they will cause their own death. Such are the presumptuous that read a book and hide behind that veil but never really KNEW ME says the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus. For they all are caught in a net just as he told the  fisherman that he intended to do to those liars and manipulators that hide behind religion and law without true intention of heart.
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The storms and presumption of humans was predicted, Get ready for the Wild Ride!!!


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