Friday, February 07, 2014

Florida 2014

Our wonderful trip to Florida and great connections with Family

Next Subject and the video about Noah when Mom and I had synchs in Florida about it. Mom and brother John were reading about the flood from Ham's perspective. Funny
So the synchs with Samson and Noah and how the world overlooks the wildheart to make laws against passion and to please women that hate men. While the freedom of love and colliding with each other and how love changes man. YOU and I collide Dnatree

Samson and Passion vs the harot that manipulates and defies the SPIRIT for profit and power Link1 Link2

Love blinded me and led me bound and naked up between these two pillars

Noah and Passion and what was important is that he believed the SPIRIT Link1
The son was cursed because of his shame and because he misunderstood his father's unveiled passion.

According to what I get from SPIRIT and the stories of great prophets the interpretation of shame and sex is men putting the desires of those women that hate men as the law and all men hide their true passion from women in order to please them instead of God and that the freedom of the gospel was for men and will you be ashamed is related to the truth about this and why such a man that believes the SPIRIT is hated above all men and cannot reach his children with true intent because of the veil of interpretation given them by those that never knew the true intentions of the heart, by those that lift up their own interpretation as though it were GOD. Seeing the accounts of the prophets they intentionally misunderstand. Seeing they do not see and hearing they do not hear intentionally. For this reason Jesus had to appear to give them what they wanted but really spoke this truth which they would hate you above all men for believing.


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