Monday, March 10, 2014

It is taking a little time to let go of what cannot ever be perfect

It is taking a little time to let go of what cannot ever be perfect, but I am letting go

So I realized that they could not be reached. And I had to disconnect and put my love and passion where it is not just trampled. And I told my daughter if the SPIRIT leads her back to me she will have a home no matter what but that I have to turn my attention toward those that love me and know me and don't just want to manipulate me as it has been 20 yrs of one manipulation held over my head after another and speaking to Mark and John about those they spoke with that know, like they know, what it was really like, the hell I was put through and how it really was from the start, that it was nothing different except where it was taken on purpose. And that the same thing happened to those after me. So rather than tearing each other apart it is time to let go and when the SPIRIT washes all that cannot be good, that will never truly want it to be good, that will never be allowed to be good, away....then I don't even want to see it. With those that love me there is a future to grow with them, But with those that hate me, there is only staying in the past and being held there and therefore it can never be good with whom they hold away from me. (Let go of the veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew me, that hate me.).  Both sides will only tear each other apart as they both are able to, the SPIRIT revealed many things but those that want to believe in shame blame will create it over and over again for themselves. The message was we create our reality and we can start new. But this is what I endured for many years, and it was one manipulation after another. Loving the SPIRIT is letting go and going to JOY. I had already let go when I began being manipulated again like years ago and attacked. But they begged me to come back and all saw the true intent, so they have chosen their own direction. Tonight, I saw MIBII again and Laura realized it Rained because she was sad and cried. She did not cry because it Rained, it Rained because she cried because where we put our attention we just create more and more of that. The law of love removes the requirement of the letter of marriage to stay until it is hell, especially when the true intent for marriage was to manipulate. I wanted to hold on because a child came and I had lost my children so many times before being myself, but without true intention of heart on both sides it is only usury. Life is short, therefore we must break each other's heart that you might through a broken heart have life.

Even now they will not allow it to be any other way. What the SPIRIT gave me, even through the same passion revealed the true intentions of Pam's heart and of those that love me and this is a treasure because she knows me completely and loves me even though life broke her heart.


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