Sunday, April 20, 2014

A spell to keep the synergy and curb the hoarding by money and power

 Happy Easter
A spell to keep the synergy and curb the hoarding by money and power

Were celebrating the synergy of humans to create and provide for each other in spite of the hoarding by big money. :D Every other tree on earth has ALL IT'S FRUIT taken that is not needed for keeping the system afloat. The shill's of the rich and powerful have done well for their masters. But any enemy of the true intent of free speech is an enemy of the people and a maker of slaves for profit. The need to change our lifestyles because of what has been overlooked but we cannot let those blinded by money make the decisions for this or we all will fall off the cliff. Teach people to be self sufficient by creating and developing their systems. And by encircling themselves with the people and beauty they love and share life with..

 Encircle yourself with the beauty You seek!

This FRAGILE synergy makes it so that even the poor can be considered rich from the droppings of the table. But rent and the cost to create the minimum home under the system is far more than the true intentions of the law are saying in order to keep men in slavery. That is why creating a simpler system such as the tiny homes will keep us from being lied to and slaves to excess. Married men have too many masters to be hated so. A stick, an ordinary stick. Something that would reach those in power but not destroy the bed nor the milk of those nursing. Loving America, the land and people while taking the privileged from those without true intent toward them, from those that deceive them. Let it be.

With humans this is impossible without THE EXPERIENCE OF SPIRIT AND WHAT HAS BEEN OVERLOOKED. It's perfect love of SPIRIT working through us, not even our own love as that is always tainted.




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