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Horse and Rider, Complacency

  From post about Revelations and the Horse and Rider on Propheciesonline
We are all speaking what the SPIRIT is saying as the nose has many functions for the body but only a few are recognized. The SPIRIT has many ways of using the poetry of horse and rider. I like your analogy Raider, and I see SPIRIT also in Eagle's HS posts very real. So we can go on and learn to trust SPIRIT like the the relationship of horse and rider. Here is a synch with what we are talking about here. It is safe to say that because of looking at the messenger instead of the SPIRIT we have had nothing but complacency related to what the SPIRIT is really saying. But that will change soon!

Post from Oct 18th 2009 entitles She Lifts me out of my Complacency (Jacob's Trouble)

The post started with:
This is related to many of the synchs of late of horses heads above water boat sinking and learning to stay in Sanctuary.

And went on to relate the experience of building trust with your partner SPIRIT.
This one night I got the sanctuary ready by lighting incense and saying it was good. Fragrance is the connection to memory. By lighting a candle and getting the lighting good for dreams with YOU. (candlelite is best for romance and dreaming) By turning on music that was pleasing on the radio. I would put a few 3*5 cards on the table to write any synchs that came up in the moment. I would let go of all preconceived thoughts and worries, this is not a time to go back to old but to be open to freshness.
Almost immediately the synchs began with a song to which I wrote the words down "baby hold on". Now the song was not about horse riding but I knew the Spirit was.
The next thing to come on the radio was a commercial about the rodeo coming up soon. To which I took the phrase and wrote it down "Get ready for the wild ride". Next the song "I want to ride wild horses, I want to have...." well never mind the rest as this was the part the Spirit wanted to me pick up on. I then turned tv on as I felt the Spirit move there and Lawrence Welk was singing "I am sitting on a rainbow and have my life by a string". This also was the equestrian.
The synch went on with a circus and the relationship between the horse and rider. How the man could jump through a fiery hoop and the horse was right there. Subtle intentions between horse and rider were communicated. This also was related to Spirit and beloved.

Now the next day I took off walking, loosing myself in wonder waiting for YOU to show up in some form. A Bronco truck pulled up next to me and dust was everywhere. The fellow said, "hey, what are You doing today?" To which I said "nothing, why" Then he said "would You like to help me tear down a barn?" It felt right, "sure", I said.

After helping to tear down the barn the man paid me and I began to walk the several miles home which I love to do. He called out to me "have You ever rode a horse?" I said Yes, even though the last time I had rode was 15yrs old. I knew it was right because of the synchs the night before. We coraled the horses from that site to my road I lived on. (Hay Meadow Rd.) He loved our conversation and invited me to ride for free each Wedn. when he gave paid rides.
Here is a pic of folks riding in Milton area near my house.

This is an example of how intentions found through synchs grow into experience. I had thousands of these experiences over the years that have led to the growing tree that is my life and the lives of loved ones.

I think we are all being led in the right direction except if we limit SPIRIT, then we get a limited understanding. This is related to "we see in part and prophecy in part. But when the SPIRIT is fully come, we will SEE AS WE ALSO ARE SEEN. " Knowing all these mysteries does not benefit us whatsoever except we trust SPIRIT through EXPERIENCE WITH SPIRIT to save us in the moment that we need saving.

Those with true intent to limit SPIRIT reveal their own hearts in doing so.


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