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Sacred Journeys

I have been having this synch for a while and meaning to post it and now that PBS is having "sacred Journeys" I feel I must post.


synchs involved

Pam and my synchs with Finding Home-The Universal dream/fantasy of creating home
June Lake Homestead Dream

My trip with my mother and the time we spent like a baptism related to SPIRIT

The movie Rango and his sacred journey

Pam and My trip to Tennessee

Also this is the reason I tend to "get lost" on purpose such as going to the Smokys and going to Chattanooga and all the trips I took in California in conjunction with what I did there for a living.
Gold Hill

Christmas day Drive

Taking a journey invites the unknown to more readily enter into your experience. We have spoke of late about walking the pilgrimage path in Spain, and of our desire to one day visit India. Last night they had the PBS program about the pilgrimage to India related to Hindu and then also one to Africa. Both were very enlightening and I see the SPIRIT and all it's facets could be experienced in any and all such experiences.
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SPIRIT sent them a lie, because of the deluding nature of scripture
Those that interpret according to the flesh are caught in a net
Those that only see SPIRIT are set free from the book/law because
LOVE indeed fulfills all scribbling by scribes

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Re: Mountain's Stream
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Had a wonderful New Year's Eve (Boy these folks can party!!!!!!!!!!!!) ;D

Source for pic
We watched Seven Years in Tibet which reminded me of my years alone with YOU/SPIRIT. The pain related to love and children also. Thee part about journeys in the movie was very interesting.

From these quotes the journey is revealed.
At the end of the world his real journey began

A great true story told with honesty that shows a great transitional journey of a man-child into a mature human and the life long friendship that comes out of it.
Gregg Bracke

Plotted as such, the film is really about a reawakening of oneself. We're told that the Tibetans believe that a long, arduous journey cleanses the soul, and Heinrich, who starts as an arrogant loner, transforms into a completely different man by the story's end.

Coming back into my family's lives has jolted them more than it has me. The biggest misunderstanding that just being around me seems to be changing is the intention for peace and harmony. The great Jolt of my existance taught me to love peace and to flee conflict and some in my family took that at first as un-caring about others problems and not wanting to listen to them. But peace is growing now in this temporary home with my siblings. They cannot lie to themselves about your "true intentions" for long. I am learning from those that never evolved that they use shame and lies to try to keep a person in the place they have believed about them in order to cover their own shame of what they really are. And as they reveal their own lie, they are jolted themselves. As they encounter the real intention for peace, they begin to follow suite. They cannot exist for long in this state of denial without it effecting them. So the attention to SPIRIT and sanctuary and peace is more powerful over the long term than any argument.

Religion is not worship, rather


Everyone that argues reveals they never knew SPIRIT and are hiding behind a veil of interpretation that is not real. They use contention and shame to hide from themselves. Everyone fails, but it is those that evolve with SPIRIT's guidance that have moved on. Those who seek contention are creators of war and they live eternal death, forgetting their past mistakes through attention to the mistakes of everyone else. They fall asleep only to wake to conflict, this is the eternal hell.

Conversation with an 81yr old man.
There was a woman that chose a man in order to exploit his apparent weakness. She never loved him, but thought it would be easy to shame and extort him his whole believing he was easy and this would be an easy life. She believed that love was a game and the cards were stacked in favor of women. She laughed and joked with her friends when she was young about how easy it was to manipulate men. She said, "I am a woman, I don't have to work". She thought to herself, "Everyone would believe this person hurt me and not the other way around, everyone will believe I loved him and that he was incapable of love." But time reveals the true intentions of the heart that are hidden.

The snake that bites the heal of a man with true intent is unaware that the day is coming when that heel will crush it's head.


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