Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter synchs at Montgomery State Park

Wonderful experience at Montgomery Bell State Park and in particular with the BIRTHPLACE SHRINE of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church

While reading this sign

I was reminded of my own experience with the SPIRIT in that without that baptism we are lost behind a veil of  interpretation that is characterized by splinters and divisions because we only see in part and prophecy in part without being completely guided by SPIRIT. For when we presume
(See the prediction of the end of the presumptuous woman) by means of interpretation of doctrine we are led to disputes and divisions. But to go through a baptism of the SPIRIT which cannot be understood by the carnal mind we then see as we also are seen and perceive the failings of interpretation. In fact all this becomes meaningless in the light of what is important which is KNOWING YOU SPIRIT.

Had a synchronicity with meeting a woman at Helen's restaurant as we began this day of adventure. Her father was 51 yrs old and was failing health and it was sure he only had a very few years left. We then met a woman whom we had seen at Popeyes in Dickson tn. but then ran into her at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Montgomery Bell State Park and she spoke of problems to which I immediately knew it was her husband we saw sitting there at the Popeye's. I knew it was her husband and that it was failing health and that he was 51 and now you too know how I knew. She was there with much on her mind that he was going to pass and only had a short time to live. I realized it was the SPIRIT that was telling her by my knowing he was 51 and about his health that the SPIRIT indeed knew "WHAT WAS ON HER HEART".  I told her of the synch earlier and she spoke of being there at that park to walk and meditate about such things.

As a told a friend John at Poet's Coffee tonight about the synch and related it to the time I felt I was going to fill the emtyness in someone through the SPIRIT once in Pensacola park. I walked upon a girl sitting before a blooming magnolia tree crying. Instantly I knew she had given up on god and was praying to this tree. I knew this and sat down and gave her my card "StephenTREE" saying the SPIRIT hears her prayer and comes to her not in the form that the world says but exactly as SHE BELIEVED.

    As I spoke to John tonight about this we began to have such wonderful synchs with one person after another. One was reading "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" and I spoke of the synch of such a JOLT in a powerful moment "on the edge" such as the master "SPIRIT" working in this moment.

Last I had to let go of the forums because those that secretly hate the SPIRIT and also "HATE MEN" all wanted to believe a lie and others secretly wanting to believe them, though the message of the SPIRIT was clear for years they want to block it and do not know what is coming that will lead to such great humiliation for each that took part whether it was to lift up themselves in the eyes of the women that hated men or those women that wanted to believe any woman over the "SPIRIT through a Man". For on each forum they wanted to humiliate and it lead to them humiliating themselves which increased their hate for SPIRIT making them want to cover up what the SPIRIT was to reach humans about. They cannot hear it, how the SPIRIT leads to perfect synch while separation leads to trauma and death. So many are having wonderful synchs along with me related to all this but the forums meant to reach the masses are where a SPIRIT keeps coming up to downplay the predictions of the SPIRIT which were so much more than any had seen, yet they wanted to make them foolish. All this will change and they will hide their faces as is the story of the synchs. They don't know what they have done and believe it is this guy they have shutout and rejected and intended to make foolish though no predictions have come close to the acuracy of the SPIRIT related to the past 15 years on the forums. When the truth of what happens revealed what they really look like, they will hide their faces. But there will be nowhere left to hide.
RE: Prophecies, Oroborus, propheciesonline
The synchs came out the way they did because of their own creation/reaction to each prediction even the one about Katrina one month prior. They intended to cover up what was not theirs to cover. Each involved will say you have misunderstood our intent, and that is what the SPIRIT will say to them.
There have been no predictions that have come close to these yet the forums believed they knew better. http://www.stephentree.com/smalist.htm TRUMP, ORANGE, HUMILIATION,ANGER
The anger and chaos is due to the anger because they would not be reached.  But the SPIRIT WILL REACH BEYOND THESE!!!!!!!!!!

26years with the intent to reach them, Those hiding their true intent!


On another note many groups are experiencing a baptism of SPIRIT such as these would not allow on the forums. Four is this material plane and what we are here to experience in this dimension. If we refuse to allow it where else can it be experienced. The prediction in 2011 of

 "The synchs indicate another plan started after the bear synchs in my last post the very next day they began implementing it.  See previous post.  Oh, well,, come what may. I guess You want what happens to those that come against the SPIRIT that IS MY LIFE."

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