Thursday, April 28, 2016

Crying to the Lord and moving heaven and earth with true faith and passion

What so many in my family and even the lawyer are experiencing is what it feels like to have a lawless beast take advantage of you and your feeling for what can be done. I was despite fully used for money before and now they get to feel that emotion that is the basis of prayer that moves heaven and earth when you are put on the edge as my own are right now.

Today I wrote memories of that feeling alone in the wilderness

I met a guy named Elijah at Cummins Falls, he was fishing and then I ran into the same rock bank along a river that I did when I lost my father and I looked at the multitude of stones as bones and the passion of the prophet reached to the heavens/heart.

 So I had the memory of that passion and intent that cannot be put into words but results in fits of laughing and crying.
When the lawless one used the beliefs of others like a weapon. Lies got them to hate the wrong person.

Anger is Crying

Crying is often expressed through anger, when the women is angry sometimes she cries, While when the man wants to cry he expresses anger.

Crying to the Lord such as the fire filled the sky

Having gone throughg this with my people to where they also feel that need the SPIRIT to intervine and how the anger and passion is a prayer of agreement and we give this energy to the SPIRIT to do what it will that the SPIRIT might be manifest as the enemy laughed at the idea of the SPIRIT and the smallest of points overlooked that is to show up now.


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