Friday, May 06, 2016

Sparta and the Dominican Synch

Had a synch with the Dominican Republic starting a couple of days ago. One person spoke of going there on vacation and we spoke of almost going there but instead going to Maine. Then yesterday we met a woman "Nina" at the Caribbean Restaurant in Sparta where we had black beans and rice. Then this morning I felt a connection between the these synchs and the two flights that had turbulence. One from a Muslim country and the other from Dominican. Waiting for more clarity such as a Muslim related to coming through Dominican Republic.

We had a wonderful day yesterday at the walk park in Sparta and visiting some of the places there and got Pam an Owl lantern at a Tea Room. Met many wonderful people especially at the Chamber of Commerce where we met Jenny, Hilda and Marvin and I found I had much in common with Marvin in our pasts. They were so helpful that we now know we have much more to see and do in Sparta.


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