Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fake Presidency, synch leading up to revealing the lie

The synchronicity with my family and the man that manipulated and barefaced lied to take our inheritance was the prediction for this election and "fake presidency" that was predicted before Trump ever entered the race. Because of the synch with Orange is coming, leaders lead astray and the impassable way we have a special insight into what is going on and what is going to happen. The very action where the White House acts as though they are the victims is very much what our family experienced and why the obvious was not recognized by many in the family until it was too late and our nemisis had completed much of his plan. Barefaced lying kept everyone unsure in the town until he had accomplished what he had set out to do. All would have been lost for our family if I had not gotten them to see what was going on and turned it around before we lost the land as well. One similarity is the way Trump intimidates those seeking the truth and uses their responses against them. The fact is that much of what is America is being destroyed and the angry people that voted for him are being told everything is just as it was planned. But they don't know their nativity is being used against them. Sort of like out somewhat handicapped sister who was talked into BETRAYING her family for money and the sick intentions of an ego bent on showing power. What the synchs indicated about Russia and Trump is being exposed each day and the fact that Russia and Comey aided in letting a theif and a liar take over the office of our fathers which he will vacate to the humiliation of the party is becoming more obvious each day.

Here is one of the posts about the synchs leading to reveal Trump
http://www.propheciesonline.com/index.php/topic,57.msg23870.html#msg23870   May 07, 2016

So the family went through the same thing I had years ago and the same manipulation as on the net and the lawyers story about it will be published here soon showing just how blatant the lies were and the synchs with the lawless one that is also shaping up in this country and on the forum. You won't believe what the story reveals but there will be no doubt when the evidence is revealed. It will be as before that every single person finds out their mind was wrong in interpreting.

We need to get everyone on-board with what is really going on to save this country from presumption.
http://www.propheciesonline.com/index.php/topic,57.780.html   January 15, 2016
 As for the grifter  that plaques my family his ability to lie convincingly has upset the whole town and he seems to have many believing though the truth on paper says something very different. The opposite story that he did not steal this money but that we are trying to steal it from them because he legally got it by finding the loophole that mother had put Sharon on the account therefore he tells the story that mother meant her to have it all. The WILL and other documents as well as all our testimony says different but in probate it does not matter as our story is not told unless we sue differently. Therefore he threatens my death because I reveal to those he lied to the truth. So it also is why I was sidelined to this site after so many hits by the SPIRIT because they want to believe a lie as in the synch with this theft/grifter. His abilty to lie outright convincingly keeps everyone at a distance and unless we get a miracle this person who is practiced in this art of deception will get away with it, although an exclusion may  have stopped him from getting the 7332.00 dollars more from the estate which he then lied and said he withdrew the claim to make it look like he is in control. I am willing to send a trusted member the court documents that show all this is true and all my siblings testimony as now they are all on my side though at first they believed otherwise.

Note to FBI and American Security
No. 1 You need to start taking the synchs seriously before more is lost than you can believe.
No. 2 Todays Stats show another increase in Russian hits on this site

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