Friday, March 03, 2017

From the post about Russian matters and the manipulation

As you know I have been asked that question so many times and answered it so many times but the SPIRIT indicated the same MO of those not really interested in an answer but rather "looking to pick a fight" so I waited as no one would stand up for "the SPIRIT speaking through me" now for almost 30yrs. I delayed as I felt that was just the lips of a common troll I had encountered now with a new name. Well, the next day the head also appeared. So anyway, what has been done is finished. I am no longer needed here and the  MO of the one attacking on every forum and my whole life also had played out in court years ago and this MO was revealed as the way the person worked to  lure and then manipulate as this thread also reveals the administration also does. But, this project is over and the tree's fruit complete and the ashes of it's season also complete as the sign of Ash Wedn was timely. I am done and the posts are actually saved by many in many countries. The true intention of heart to know Jesus and to know the very same blood that he suffered even to the groaning in the garden Gethsemane was and even now is my experience. That is the poetry of drops of blood which the coincidence with my friend Jonathan also shows. For as I told him my joy in the SPIRIT began with a great sorrow/blood caused by such a MO betrayal, which caused me to not care about living except I hear from YOU/MY LIFE. Therefore, I would wander with this on my heart for days and SPIRIT would unfold in poetry and soothe the pain of love and betrayal (MO). That now often I may have something indescribable on my heart and leave for three days in the wilderness as I am now. But it is done the the oil press has done it's work which reveals that blood pertaining to that question and pertaining to the assertions that religion without that blood is worthless and a harlot telling her interpretation without knowing SPIRIT. So all is done and they can say what they want as the SPIRIT will reveal a life of true intention of heart. What is meant for each person to look at their own hearts is used by those with this MO in a manner they used it against Jesus. So all is complete and I leave the struggle and let them do what they will.

 let me say that this same religion/scripture will become a stumbling block to those with this MO which the whole world like this administration follow after while those with true intention toward the SPIRIT will "experience" this blood of Jesus instead of using it to manipulate others.

Anyone truly wanting to know the answer to this question will find it by googling dnatree Jesus blood SPIRIT but I have found it to be used by those really not wanting an answer but rather wanting to use it as cause to pick a fight.

This is not meant to follow me but to follow SPIRIT as the time is near when within THEIR hearts all men will peer.


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