Monday, March 06, 2017

The presumption of Jesus without SPIRIT is worthless, the SPIRIT fulfills the name and blood without the man

the world is full of wandering souls.
how does one know when one is on a good path?
The problem is the presumption of thinking we can decide that path rather than surrendering to SPIRIT. 

If you were very truthful with yourself and said I am not going to believe anything except the SPIRIT reveal it to me and so you got passionate in seeking SPIRIT from the point from which you are and then having experiences that reveal you are being guided such as synchronicity and getting to a point where you need to know for real the "true intentions of the heart of Jesus" would you, as Jesus required be willing to lay your life down and perhaps loose your way and put up with the humiliation in order to experience the truth about all this. That is the problem, modern religion teaches an interpretation as though that is believing unto salvation, but believing unto salvation would be "allowing" the SPIRIT to lead you into all truth and not believing anyone that interpreted as that is the right of the SPIRIT only. What good is it to say you believe but never actually know the SPIRIT,, that faith is dead.

After coming to KNOW YOU/MY LIFE you will be able to discern what is and what is not. But just learning an interpretation leads to all kinds of misunderstanding and fighting over who is right. For those who have failed to believe unto the guidance of the SPIRIT their interpretation will become unto them a stumbling block which will cause them great anguish as the storm grows.

There are many people experiencing amazing connections and things coming into their lives because they believe and they would not have a problem with this at all. They meet others like them constantly and it fits perfectly but there is a chasm that those not believing are incapable of having one of those such experiences let alone days filled with them. And because they do not see nor seek they believe it does not exist and cannot begin to be on the right path.

From my experience meeting those filled with the SPIRIT understanding the true intentions of the heart of Jesus too but never reading of Jesus I am of the opinion that the name was actually the SPIRIT and not the man at all. And the blood is those experiences common to all that fervently seek the SPIRIT and are hated and misunderstood by all who love their interpretation more than they love others.


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