Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Unexpected, Ship Sinking, problem at the top (Trump)

Watching the El Faro on 60 Minutes brought to mind a synch with the word Unexpected as in the https://kpfa.org/episode/the-visionary-activist-show-march-2-2017/   whereas on the El Faro the chain of command was too rigid and therefore junior officers could not change an order while the Captain slept so the ship was sailed directly into a hurricane.

All officers are taught to respect the chain of command. And to change the ship’s course without the captain’s permission is very drastic.

 Now this matches the energy I and the synch where I see this administration causing such a "Ship Sinking" scenario. And then there is the Ship Sinking synch that has occurred over the years. So check out these Unexpected and Ship sinking posts to see how this will happen.

And YOU and I collide and the emotional energy that causes something UNEXPECTED TO HAPPEN.

0ther links to "the Unexpected" and another Post about "The Unexspected" Edited jan 25th to add this file Here is my audio file to my friend Mark just before the creation of the Unexpected_____________________________________

Yes and the Pickle synch 

And in doing so they will get themselves in a pickle that they cannot get out of without the SPIRIT

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just notes related to the forums

 having synchs with things like the cruise ship related to "the unexspected" and the old time radio program that came to me "shipwrecked". Meaning my synch with the sinking ship we all go through as we learn to let the Spirit take control and how humans will not be able to be ready for the UNEXPECTED. (Do not Prepare, just learn to trust)


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