Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The World is Already at War

I have many synchs occurring on many subjects most though have to do with war as this is the only way that those remaining will be reached.

Predictions such as the one about kim jong il are meant to reveal how if Americans really turned to SPIRIT that we could overcome our enemies without endangering the planet. 
Link to Kim Jong il's date of death
And reveal to leaders that the SPIRIT will humble them all
Let it be known that it is not their power or smarts that is allowing them to succeed in the present. If they do not learn this then it will all fall apart at the appointed time and their humiliation is predicted.

In order to understand what all this militarization is leading to Pam and I were led to watch the great war on the BBC and from the American perspective and very many synchs with what has been predicted were in them unless we can reach them. The word "rash" keeps coming up as a synch.

Also women beating pots and pans such as in Turkey this week saying they appose the power grab. At the close of ww1 they women beat pots and pans in the streets in celebration. I see that this could be a symbol to reach Americans about what they have overlooked and the leaders.

Related to WW1 a synch with "Over There".

Then on Pandora was Time Passage, Longing for Home, Songs of War by Peter Jennison which relates to the synchs about finding home and the Olive branch. When you read these synch listen to the SPIRIT and get the messenger out of your mind so that you might hear.
I am saying that just a few of us in agreement with the SPIRIT and speaking it would make such a vast difference.

Also, the synch says the World is Already at War. Everyone is fighting with everyone. But the person of SPIRIT seeks home, even in the midst of the storm.
Related predictions
Coming FireGrowing Anger synch

We have more in agreement with each other like our desire for change and Donald Trump. Many related to SPIRIT may not trust him but we want many of the same things and therefore we can trust SPIRIT and be more in agreement with what we do want mutually. The SPIRIT will take care of making the two sides fit like a hand and a glove where all may be fulfilled to some degree.


You want life to reach you
And that is Abundant Life
That is the gift of the SPIRIT we long to share


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