Saturday, May 27, 2017

The get of this planet synch!!!!!

Get of this planet synch!!

Like the bubblenet synch those hiding without true intent toward the SPIRIT do not know that they are caught in a net set by the SPIRIT through Jesus.

Consider how most Americans believe that Jesus who spoke of love and light would return and judge the nations. But what they would reject is if it was them that were being judged by the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus. Such as in this message of intent.


Those believing in the INTERPRETATION OF JESUS do not know that it is actually them that this was intended. For they who drank the wine without intention to give their lives to SPIRIT but rather just to join a group of self right believing their job is to judge others via their interpretation.

So what if you found out that it was you that got judged though your religious zeal for some interpretation led you to believe it would be everyone else?

What if the SPIRIT revealed it was you that misunderstood? What if for many years the message has been given to reach you but those just like you JUDGED that even though many predictions came true by the SPIRIT through a messenger they deemed that this should not get out?

Get ready for the wild ride!!


Those like Donald Trump and Sessions who use the law in a manner it is not intended and also those who stand up for them and have judged others according to their interpretations do not know the bubblenet that the SPIRIT is putting them in at this moment. In the early use of law, leaders who themselves break the law or use the law in a manner not intended were punished harshest, but leaders actually use the law to lighten their punishment such as laws created by the GOP congress lately.
Such as women who judge men and where the men have greater intention of heart than them.


Demonstrating all my weaknesses I have done what the SPIRIT had mutually intended for me to do, have You?
If not, then where is your rightness coming from??? From an interpretation of your own???
Do you want to be judged in this time by the SPIRIT according to your own self rightness, and how you yourself judge others?
Do you have the willingness to allow the SPIRIT to reach you to the heart?

Kaching synchs

The amusement ride vs wonder at all that is.
My early morning walk at the VA hospital in Murfeesboro led me to discover the maintenance shop which I love old buildings and tools anyway. As I passed by the men were gathering for their morning coffee and beginning their day.  As I passed one of them said, "may I help you?" to which I replied of the top of my head "Oh, I just would rather tour an old maintenance facility or power station rather than an amusement park." After we finished up at the VA facility we went to the Nashville Zoo. I enjoyed petting a kangaroo and watching the Flamingos but thought the amusement ride was kind of silly. Then I remembered what I had said earlier. Later when we went home a program on New Dimensions about wandering and wondering in a native landscape reminded me of my best moments with SPIRIT.


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