Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I repeat liberals, do not fight them


Trump is using the office of the president in a manner it should never be used. He wants to provoke the left to do something that he can use against them. I can say this because this same "snake" energy was used against me in 1993 in order to use the law in a manner it was not intended and then when our family had the synch that predicted what was to happen in politics where the grifter "Dutch" would break into the family house or leave things intending to set one of us off so that we would respond but we knew not to fall into his intent.

Only criminals would say that the "true intention of heart" of the person in the Oval Office is "smart" as what they are trying to do is set one side against the other. It would seem to me that such actions are clear indicators that those in office are enemies of the constitution. That of course is if they really are intentionally provoking on purpose. This is itself an impeachable offense.


Do not fight them, wait for the SPIRIT (everything was planned) to fulfill what happened through the synchs. If you fight them that is what they are wanting as it will play into their plans/hands.

The next synch tonight has to do with Melania Trump as I was reading about


Pam had the Ottoman Empire from Curiosity stream on and it was speaking of the Christian born women being in the harem of the Ottoman and how she "pressures" him to make certain decisions. So I saw the synch between these two related to how Trump is being influenced at this moment.

Also depicted in the third part of this series was how the Ottoman Empire was destroyed by NATIONALISM.

It is not the citizens on one side or the other that each should be angry at but the snakes/leaders that lead each side astray with ideologies they did not get from SPIRIT. The coming crime of following a leader

By the way, they  will search the synchs and reveal that this administration was actually using hate to destroy the system that asks them to give some of their wealth to others.


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