Saturday, February 04, 2017

Do not fight them as that is exactly what they are planning

These are the times of trouble predicted on this site, for love has waxed cold and they will Lie in wait to snare others by using the law in a manner not intended. 

There are those in the top levels of what is presently called the Administration  that  love their interpretation more than they love you and will be laying in wait to set liberals up on every turn such as what's happening in Berkeley they will use the law in a manner not intended because of their hate. The Republicans in charge are like a woman whose intention is to take what a man has when she had completed setting up her intent she began looking for a way to make a domestic violence issue that she could use against him. It does not matter this is a man would not touch a woman because what she has planned uses public opinion against him. Like a person who stands in the doorway waiting for someone who needs to pass through the doorway and waiting for them to touch them so that they can call it domestic violence. Or sending in their henchmen to appear as though they are liberals doing the fighting.

Some people use the law as a way to entrap their foes such as the woman who though she knew her lover would not hurt her ever wanted to make a situation where she could use the domestic violence law in order to gain control in courts. Or the man that marries into a family using the law to steal the family's inheritance. Watch how this will be done by unscrupulous leaders in the near future. And do not fight them as that is exactly what they are planning. Rather LEAVE like David did when Potiphar’s wife tried to trap him.


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