Monday, August 21, 2017

Without the SPIRIT, it is impossible

.Without the SPIRIT,  it is impossible

So I told my friend, I don't care how patriotic it sounds the energy that set this whole thing into motion is division and everyone that fights will loose. Therefore, we have to let the SPIRIT do what it is doing because everyone is following a lie whether it is on the right or the left. Because the SPIRIT alone knows the smallest of points overlooked that can reach everyone and create the love necessary to do what needs to be done. The president can read a teleprompter of a message written by someone that spent years learning how to influence people to do what they want them to do but the ideology that is behind this is separation. Even if they get everyone responding like they do in North Korea out of fear the foundation is like the feet of Nebuchadnezzar because even if we are all together apposing some other country it is the same hate and separation that will only lead to death.

Listen to what is being said, if the enemy is no longer within they will make one without but I know the SPIRIT is able to reach everyone (that remains) to the heart.

It was predicted that this stone would not be removed until the SPIRIT reaches "You".

The only thing that will work is the word of the SPIRIT which is the smallest of points all the planners cannot fathom.


Trump is using the office of the president in a manner it should never be used. He wants to provoke the left to do something that he can use against them. I can say this because this same "snake" energy was used against me in 1993 in order to use the law in a manner it was not intended and then when our family had the synch that predicted what was to happen in politics where the grifter "Dutch" would break into the family house or leave things intending to set one of us off so that we would respond but we knew not to fall into his intent.

Only criminals would say that the "true intention of heart" of the person in the Oval Office is "smart" as what they are trying to do is set one side against the other. It would seem to me that such actions are clear indicators that those in office are enemies of the constitution. That of course is if they really are intentionally provoking on purpose. This is itself an impeachable offense.



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