Sunday, November 19, 2017

Breaching Whale, Brain dead, My Name Sake

Who are you? I cannot help this person that is playing a scam acting like she lives in SoCal and acting as though she were another that lives in Alabama. Who are you really, I am laid bare but it seems as though you only want to act as though you are waiting on me when really you want to manipulate appearances. Say who you really are or you are just another scam artist like the others.

So it turns out that the manipulator used a scam of appearing like someone I would not know by saying she lived in SoCal and acting like someone that set me up years ago in court only to be found out and reprimanded by the Judge. That is why I could not respond, I did not know who you were and you wanted it that way for your audience. I never knew you


Wild hearts can't be broken
 Hurricane Irene was predicted to reveal this presumption.


The Cow Say, Stockman comin and he take it all away (Prediction of Stock Market Crash)

The Turkey say, You Know it Brother. They have no idea of what SPIRIT through Jesus meant about BEING USED.

But they will, when they find they have been used by those that say they do it for them. PRESENT ADMINISTRATION.

Even what they believe they possess will be taken from them.

More on the sign of the whale

Jonah synchs and the sign of the whale

The person seen as a Jonah is the one that is blamed for bad things that happen when it is not them that caused it and or might be being blamed by those that drew the storms.


 Quote:Sign of the whale synchs "(ongoing)
This was posted yesterday related to the sign of the whale and my family
https://scontent-b-sjc.xx.fbcdn.net/hph ... 0674_n.jpgQuote:
Awww thats so Sad But so very True Your Never Promised tomorrow so Love your family & loved ones Tell them often Don't hold Grudges You may not be able to say Your sorry or I love you I know first hand How Quickly your life can be taken away & you may Never have that second Chance I was Lucky GOD heard My Kids My Family & everyone they had Praying for Me when I went into a Coma They said I had No Chance of coming out of So Be Careful of Your Hurtful Words Hurting others feelings Saying bad things about others to make yourself feel better Because You Do Love Your Family and close friends & if they Were really taken from you How would you Feel if the last thing you said Was Mean or Hurtful Tomorrow IS NOT PROMISES JUST A THOUGHT I have a special love immediate 
I am posting this because it is the SPIRIT to be lifted up so that we can keep what has been given

You will be hated above all men for my NAME-SAKE


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