Thursday, December 28, 2017

Mutual Intention, hey you

Bless your enemies, their fears make them do stupid things that will cause a backlash on them because there is no place for their anger except to return to them.
Calm down, the smallest of points which is known to SPIRIT can make everything right because it is obvious that everyone has overlooked SPIRIT. A lot of fear out there because of what they themselves have done but they are wanting to paint another picture to their "base" and like before in my life that causes them to blame and use shame because of what they want things to appear like. But the papers in the court records don't lie. And they together with the SPIRIT reveal who is the liar as a very serious crime was done in 1993 according to their own belief. What really happened the SPIRIT is able to reveal and "turn the tables" on the manipulators. Of course everyone has done things that the interpretation of sin condemns them to death but through believing the SPIRIT redemption is there for everyone.

So let us bless each other and begin to thrive through our love toward SPIRIT and stop drawing fearful SPIRIT's to yourselves.

Mutual intention not trying to destroy each other.

Nobodies got money so quit trying to set people up


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