Sunday, January 14, 2018

Failure of Relationship at the primary level results in desolation

Unveiled at the YOU/SPIRIT and I level
Unveiled at the Child/Parent Level
Unveiled at the Lover Level = In touch with moments, can handle anything

Without this, there is the need to be reached to the heart first, or a broken heart if cannot be reached and then the process STARTS at the YOU/SPIRIT and I level

Working out the energy at this level, keeps it from manifesting in your life at the east/west nuke level.:)

But in naivety you close off the tension/release at this level of PLAY then the toys become dangerous/nukes. You don't understand, the wages of separation lead to death.

LOVE is that connection with SPIRIT that intends mutual joy and peace. When you choose to be a victim instead of love, you are saying, I do not believe what I am seeing, because you love your interpretation that keeps you in pain more.

At the SPIRITUAL level it is YOU/LIFE and I, and YOU do these things to me to reach me to the heart.

When I allow myself to be reached by life, my situation evolves past the point of separation to reconciliation. This may lead to outward reconciliation if that is the other's intent, or they may choose for some other reason to keep you down.  (Power,Their Shame, profit, self rightness, etc)

The Fantasy that is society which You and I agreed on is like a covenant, but it is not the truth though it seems it may be useful and love allows us to agree on it. But if you use your idol/interpretation to shame the truth is beyond all interpretation and proves you are your own problem. Start with the agreement of society and trust the SPIRIT to evolve you personally to the deeper realities. (Such as the law of Attraction)

Strife leads to peace only at the lower levels, if reality gets to war, nukes it is because you failed to respond at the lower levels. Such as demanding the other is wrong and not being open to your own responsibility to what you draw to yourself.

At the play level it is best to process "sheep to the slaughter" in play before reality becomes more painful. The right people love their interpretation more than they love each other. They have always been last those that appear first in this way.

Society is a fantasy, but we chose to live alone and hide ourselves behind our tears. Therefore, he who is of SPIRIT and not faking such as religion has always been slain/blamed/misunderstood since the beginning. It is the power of the SPIRIT to perfect YOU in me.

They that love their interpretation more than they SPIRIT will always blame but in the end they themselves will have heaped upon them all the blame they used against others.

This is why the letter has always led to death, but love is more important than being right. Love draws into your life exactly what is needed. Love and patience is better than a bullet to reach another to the heart.


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