Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The wife, the tree, the fruit

Here is how the SPIRIT is able to change everything

Just as it is appointed to a man to loose his life and then face the judgement so it is a man lives a life with a wife and then like a tree that does not bear fruit it is cut down and thrown away. But if like the woman at the well that sought for love more than once in order to find it, so then a tree and a wife bearing good fruit can go on to produce more. This is very bad for the whore that uses marriage to manipulate thinking that ALL women would follow her manipulation because she makes the fruit bad on purpose thinking she can gain profit using marriage when in the end it causes desolation to her.

Women with hidden intentions are going to find out what they have lost by cashing in on the "shame" of men as their true life and joy and the interaction they also desire will be adversely effected. Like those wanting to stone the harlot who found they all had sinned and were no different than she because of their SEPARATION FROM SPIRIT WHICH IS SIN. It is greater for a man to be humiliated over and be reached to the heart than it is for one seemingly appearing righteous who damns him because they did not know the true intentions of the heart and their love is a manipulation as it took two and one hides her true intent.


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