Thursday, January 04, 2018

synchs around this date

So my friend was telling me his synchs tonight and they were right on as to mine. I should not feel this way but the passion burns so violently and I give it all to the SPIRIT. But he said exactly what my synch was and then I looked up Jan 4th in my blog to see the synchs we had shared with SPIRIT.

Housecleaning  Jan 4th 2015

01:06:49 '... burst of cleansing synchronicity,

01:06:51 'TV cameras happened onto our path and captured... '

01:06:54 Cleansing synchronicity?

01:06:57 Outpouring of emotion?

Cold Snap prediction Jan 7th 2016

The JOLT we all share related to relationship and a broken heart Jan 11th 2016

Impassable Jan 16th 2016

The Series of Unfortunate Events and Wait, Wait Wait  January 19th 2016

Time to wash away my Sorrow January 22nd 2016


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