Friday, March 02, 2018


Just the words "GOBSMACKED" yesterday and today "Death by Astonishment"

Keep on a-grinnin boy
You know how it has always been between you and I (speaking to my life)
So for others it can't be other than what they will accept (And how they have judged GOD according to their interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT)
So get ready for the wild ride!

Is there "GOD"
The synch says there has always only been "YOU  and I" (Mutual Intention)
Even if YOU and I are Us and them
Creative synergy
There has always only been YOU and I and this veil of interpretation which only separates us.
When we pray we speak to the heart of all things, we seek to cooperate with everything

So GOD is the synergy of YOU and I and all things which is activated through love

If I touch on the mutual intention at this time to "reach You" then those unveiled and believing can connect with this.


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