Sunday, March 18, 2018

Unable to perceive the SHAPE OF YOU!

If the SPIRIT wanted to reveal to us about the luck that my synchs with St. Patrick's Day could produce it was perfect yesterday. As a mistake Pam made with her medicine caused Pam to degrade for a few days and that led to her fear and intention to hear from SPIRIT and she began to draw many things that were perfect and I felt that my love for this person also made it work so well. The medical mishap which she never would have had during the 20- yrs in California because she had gotten off all medications and used a minute amount of Marijuana to get her out of her fearful place that exacerbated the symptoms of MS. (Multiple Sclerosis) It is so crazy here in Tennessee with all the medicines they want her on while being so self righteous about Marijuana. All because there is this Tennessee playbook everyone seems to have read that says what is good and righteous and it is bunch of crap that is killing people. Pam was in such danger and so close to the edge because of these medicines now twice that this time because of my love for this person I had asked the SPIRIT that my body take on this problem and the moment my body began to have symptoms Pam returned to normal. She is on a catheter but only for a couple days as it is helping her get the sleep she needs to repair. But the good that came out of this was Pam having experience with her own ability to draw what she needed from SPIRIT in THIS MOMENT. Pam still felt weak but wanted to go out and celebrate because the SPIRIT indicated that it was what we should do. She of course did not drink anything except V8 and water but enjoyed the ritual of Corned Beef and Cabbage and so did I. That JOLT out away from her attention to the problem also seemed to be the turning point which gave her relief from her symptoms. My love for Pam seems to be how the world responds to the SPIRIT as those first to be reached are experiencing such things as reach them to the heart at this moment. They don't even need to know about this or my intentions as I hear it is happening on every level.

And CBS Sunday Morning is all about such things as we have been talking about this week such as ESP and Remote Viewing but then this Science worshiper cracked me up trying to get people to believe such things don't exist or we would be able to monitor it outside their body of DNA but he does not realize that the inside mirrors the outside and you do not need to send out a signal because the smallest of points you have overlooked is inside of you.

Women who accuse never knew the true intentions of the heart and such as these are presumptuous and really revealing the true intentions of their heart especially in high money and power situations as will be revealed. They think they are getting something but what they really are doing will lead to losing an aspect of the illusion we all developed to make life seem worth living (without SPIRIT) but this aspect is how men's passion lent to the dance that led to self esteem. You stifle the engine of passion and it is leading to a great lose.  What creates what appears to be life in human interaction itself is related to an illusion that keeps things going for humans, but only NEW CREATURES will go on now as will be revealed. Oh, well, tomorrow was overrated anyway right? The snake and the woman wanted to do the good and evil thing which is believing the word of GOD is written and not what comes in THIS MOMENT and is found in your mouth and in your heart. The LETTER of scripture separates while finding the true intentions of the heart of such as Jesus is the truth that is found by going to the SPIRIT as was written in scripture. BY THE WAY, the word scripture means scribbling of scribes, and is nothing but an idol when we interpret without SPIRIT. Good and evil which is used by the "whore witch" and the snake is a separation from SPIRIT and leads to death. (Do not eat from a tree/man teaching good and evil) The SPIRIT makes all things pure when seeing them from the original intention of the heart. Without SPIRIT everything is separation/sin which means even what such as preach without the SPIRIT in TRUTH is separation which is why the religious right are being caught in a bubble net. It is all an illusion anyway, are you all enjoying your role? What this leads to is learning to trust SPIRIT instead of women or men as they liars without SPIRIT. The dream of YOU, leads to worshiping SPIRIT after being broken by the illusion. And the power women think they have will diminish as they use their "power" as their is no real power but SPIRIT. This is why Trump's power to lie and manipulate like both women and men without SPIRIT so is actually following after the beast. The only true romance is first with SPIRIT and all the others are liars and lead to separation as the experiment has proven. We can keep the joy and passion that we seek only through SPIRIT.

Get some real decency and UN-F%$K this mess!

Life really begins after the SHIPWRECK OF OUR PLANS!

Unable to perceive the Shape of YOU
Pam and I enjoyed watching the Shape of You and found it one of our synchs related to communicating with animals, (birds, horses) which continued from this program just yesterday we listened to on New Dimensions Radio. https://newdimensions.org/intelligence-consciousness-octopuses-sy-montgomery/

"Unable to perceive the shape of You, I find You all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with Your love, It humbles my heart, For You are everywhere

She, she is my life, she is my wife
She came out from me in the beginning 
we were one in the beginning
She is my dream and I am the dreamer
She comes to me in many forms
and it is like poetry, like synchronicity 
and when he and she meet they KNOW IT IS RIGHT   DNATREE (This is about Romance with SPIRIT and a physical woman is a reflection of many of the aspects of that)


Lover me, cave me,
the sweet burn of Love me.
Lover you, cave you,
Shams protect me.
Noah you, soul you,
conqueror and the conquered you
the awakened heart you.
Why hold me at that gate of your secret?
Light you, celebration you,
the victorious land you
the bird of Mount Sinai you.
You carry me on your tired beak.
Drop you, ocean you,
compassion and rage you,
sugar you, poison you.
Please don’t continue to hurt me.
The orb of the Sun you,
the house of Venus you,
the sliver of hope you.
Open up the way for me.
Day you, night you,
fasting and the crumbs of a beggar you,
water and a pitcher you.
Quench my thirst, Beloved.
Bait you, trap you,
wine you, cup you,
baked and raw you.
Please don’t let me be unbaked.
If you don’t run my body too hard,
if you don’t cut my way too much,
if you try to help rather than make my life more difficult.
Oh, all these words of mine.
Lyrics from RUMI: Lovedrunk CD 


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