Monday, July 11, 2005

Voices of the soul

We saw the doves flying in harmony and we said let us go and join in harmony with them and as we approached the birds stopped flying just in formation and appeared in front of us stationary in the air forming a design twice.
We caught on tape the lady passing saying just a curtain and a table and then the Mockingbird began to sing and we got it all on tape.

Synchronicity with the book Alchemy of Possibility yesterday. On page 249 are the words:
The winds, fires and floods that fuel the universe are also the voices of our souls: there is no separation except in form.

Synch today about stars and stripes and surprise.

The turning point, the return, the homecoming.

Birdy Bird (dove) walking on keyboard pecking the periods.

Songs about the family and I on the radio during dreamtime:
If you don't know me by now: I can't stop loving you: September Morn. Your just the part of me I can't let go, stay here, we will dance all night until we have a new day: Song I just want to come home. Many syncs about homecoming.

Your like the sun chasing all the clouds away, when you come around you bring brighter days.

The Fantastic Four (from the book, were the four from long ago, earth, wind, fire, water)

After the Rain (tears) I will return.