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Big Money and Lies for profit

Big Money and the profitability of lies

Big Pharmacy does not want a pill that fixes you, Big energy does not want a machine that makes free energy, a whore wants to appear as though she is on his side as it is more profitable. An evangelist is not interested in the SPIRIT because it takes away from their profit using shame. A woman that has sought her whole life to figure out how to use a man to pay her way does not want reconciliation, follow the intent of money. So I found that by offering what was found about SPIRIT it would only be trampled on by those that would not be interested in it because it does not seem profitable.

Only the homeless want to know about finding home and realizing like OZ said that you are already home when you are with the SPIRIT. And as you dream of home you create it out of nothing.

When you dream of SPIRIT  I found that YOU/SPIRIT are all those things that I need and then you don't even need money. But you need to make it about money in order to SELL it to the masses who are going through the wide door of INTERPRETATION and do not believe in SPIRIT, except it agree with the pharisees of religion and medicine and love and so forth.

Woke up this morning saying a word "METASTATIN" and I looked up the word and found Metastatin Pharmaceuticals Inc. I found that a Metastatin is


54-amino acid protein encoded by the KiSS-1 gene that suppresses tumor metastasis.
[metatasis + G. istēmi, to check, arrest, + -in]

And I found that the creaters of this protein were bought out by Samaritan Pharmaceuticals Inc. and then I could not find anyting else about metastatin after that or the protein. Now this made me begin to go down a thought path of why and on tv this morning on CBS

Immunotherapy  scores big  win  against  lung  cancer  in  study

What I saw was making a customer last longer rather than fixing them. Where it was found that chemo and Immunotherapy work well together to make the customer last longer. 😉 They don't want you to know that believing something as simple as thought or a Chinese herb can fix it, or a jolt from intending from SPIRIT can synergistically do miracles.

The three biggest lobbyists against marijuana are 

The reason the LAW MAKERS on the right do not want you to have marijuana is because it is more profitable to do something else and the right has made a living off of what is profitable is right not what is real or truth.

That got me thinking about free energy and solar and wind how until they made an 'INDUSTRY out of it that could be as profitable as oil it was made to look ridiculous until it began to look like we had to do it to live on this planet.

So in order to get the message to those that really need it you have to make it a product that would be PROPAGATED by the masses. That is what Jesus did though his message was not really for them. It was for those that such as those that use shame that Jesus came, but the preachers/snake in the garden that turned the message of everything is GOD/GOOD through the SPIRIT to you must believe in good and evil. And they wanted to reach the woman in order to control beliefs.

On hearing this, Jesus said to them, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."

A woman that seeks money over her own health will get neither.
Money will become a stumbling block to all those that have sought it above SPIRIT while those that see it as a way to reach you about SPIRIT will begin to swim in it.

I went to see what synchs were related to this moment in time and found this

Sunday, April 20, 2014 A spell to keep the synergy and curb the hoarding by money and power

and this
and this

Time is Money came on the TV on the price is right in the background

prediction from 1993  http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2018/02/megatrends-misconstrued.html
The answer to my most burning business question She,, the partner, helper.. workers of a company. 


I was getting more hits from Russia on this blog than anyone else until the a week ago.. Think about it.

cc CIA and Comey.

Colbert really knows how to make you laugh last night 
Coming fire...Nowhere left to hide
Humiliation will extend to everyone

Isaac - Laughing - Mockery 

The Coming Humiliation of those that are right by INTERPRETATION Predicted Aug 29th 2007

I remember when I was rejected by everyone and the SPIRIT told me to laugh while I was in Death Valley at the lowest point.


I understood the laughing

The name Isaac comes from the word "Yitzhak" (also Yitzchaq) in Hebrew, which means "Laughing One", "laughter" or "to laugh". Isaac has one meaning as given by God to Abraham in Genesis, chapter 17 verse 19. It means ''child of the covenant'' or ''child of the promise''. God cannot give the name of His promised child ''laughter'' because this has spiritual significance. In Hebrew there is to ''laugh with joy'' and also ''laughter which is for mockery''. So to say ''laughter'' alone would be incomplete.


Psalm 2:4 "He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision."

Contemptuous ridicule or mockery.
mockery - ridicule - scoff - taunt - gibe - jeer - mock

This is the SPIRIT I felt before the storm predicted because of the presumption on may 21st

synch with Aug 29th 2007 Check the date on the link javascript:alert(document.lastModified)
The Coming Humiliation of Religion and Leaders who reject SPIRIT

Get Ready for the Wild Ride!!!!
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