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Divine Passion

 We must be destroyed by love in order to become love.
See Rumi Excerpt below

I was feeling exhaustion from all that we had been through and the reaching for healing for my partner. And feeling Stuck in my own experience of reaching You and began to dream as I usually do in sanctuary.

Remembering Rumi And His Poetry

For my prayer and intention there could not have been a better synch

I know that I voluntarily took on this exhaustion and energy to pass it through me in order to change it for my partner. And I realize that my love for this person that did not trick me but had true intent toward me and returned my love and sought to understand me that I would also be loving along with the SPIRIT to lift up the world which also is my body and my partner,

Passion burns down every branch of exhaustion.
Passion is the supreme alchemical elixir, and renews all things.
No-one can grow exhausted when passion is born,
so don’t sigh heavily, your brows bleak with boredom and cynicism and despair—
look for passion! passion! passion! passion!
Futile solutions deceive the force of passion.
They are banded to extort money through lies.
Marshy and stagnant water is no cure for thirst.
No matter how limpid and delicious it might look,
it will only stop and prevent you from looking for fresh rivers
that could feed and make flourish a hundred gardens,
just as each piece of false gold prevents you
from recognizing real gold and where to find it.
False gold will only cut your feet and bind your wings,
saying “I will remove your difficulties”
when in fact it is only dregs and defeat in the robes of victory.
So run, my friends, run fast and furious from all false solutions.
Let divine passion triumph, and rebirth you in yourself.  – Rumi

I knew I was to transmute the desolation synch for those in love with SPIRIT and LIFE

So I wanted to share this excerpt from https://www.elephantjournal.com/2012/06/an-ode-to-the-way-of-passion-a-celebration-of-rumi/

Rumi always missed his beloved. We see it in some of the last odes when he says, “Today somebody said his name, Shams, and all the beauty of my youth came back and I was lost in tears.”There is profound tenderness in that grief because Rumi has opened himself to his utmost vulnerability. To accept that you can love someone with every cell of your being, that their separation from you is actually killing you, is to open yourself completely to the beautiful fragility of love, loneliness, desolation, suffering of the human experience—to be cut open by love, because love’s glory has blood all over it.
Until finally, the lover and the beloved are united with the entire cosmic love. Rumi writes:
“You could have anything,” you once said.I laughed. What could anything beWithout you? All the world is driftwoodThrown up from your sea.Everything could be stripped from me, but my happiness would still remain. We must be willing to dissect our hearts, and shed blood, all over the Goddamned place, in order to be transformed by love—to empty ourselves enough in order to be filled with the joy and bliss of opening our hearts to a universal and greater love. As Rumi says in these poems in Love’s Fire:
Have you no dignity, my heart,Scattering always like dust in the wind?You are in the fire? Let’s leave you there.Terror will make you subtle.Anyone that has lived through heartbreak, loss, death, and all of the writhing of the ego as it burns to death, knows that the most difficult thing is to recognize how little we want to love, and how afraid we are to find ourselves broken, empty, desolate and lost. This is a necessary condition to the beauty of opening to love. To shed the walls, and barriers of love is the key to love—but not to seek for love. We must break our own hearts, over and over again. We must be destroyed by love in order to become love. We want the joy and bliss of love, but we do not want to make ourselves empty enough in order to receive them.
Rumi transcribes:
I groaned, he burnt me while I groaned.I fell silent, his fire fell on me.He drove me out beyond all limit,I ran inside, he burnt me there.

I am Here Rumi

My own synch with YOU are HERE


Saturday, June 11, 2016

We left longing like two "thirsty jackals" for experience with SPIRIT.


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