Thursday, November 29, 2018

Ashes, Assassination synch,

Up from the Ashes is the synch right now because of my intention to use the ashes to insulate exposed water pipes and our friend called spreading a friends ashes which made me look at the synch but the most important to my life is how Pam has come back from the edge and how well she is doing and feeling like herself again. I was consulting the nurses about perhaps how the medication was causing a lot of the symptoms that seemed to be MS and so I asked to discontinue one through the medical portal and sure enough it turned out that most all the symptoms went away and she is really back to normal. This also brings to light the American Left and winning the house also as everything that they believed in was being trampled rather spitefully for two years.

So it looks like the assassination synch may have been pointing to unknown aspects of the story the public was not privy to related to Jamal. 1,


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