Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Making Love out of Nothing at all

So I am looking at what is coming to me and the things that I am inspired to build and after building a shop for next to nothing and creating a trolley system and several other systems I realized that the way the SPIRIT wanted from me exactly what I wanted and wanted to give it to me in that manner especially after I let go of the veil of interpretation that humans have and let my moment teach me and allowed myself to go through experiences that reveal why reality is the way it is related to why the truth must be revealed by SPIRIT as the world would not allow it as has been witnessed. I began to hum a song that I used to sing related to how attention and giving back to SPIRIT what it has shown me caused the CREATION of experiences and things without money or very little money as was my experience when learning from SPIRIT. If the world changes and all those that have SERVED MONEY find that it becomes worthless the ability to pay attention to SPIRIT and draw what you need without money may be the difference between life and death. As I was writing this my friend Mark from Florida called with an amazing experience where he said if he had done to a woman what this woman that came up to him today that he had never met did to him that he would feel that it would have been sexual assault but being a single older man he of course did not feel the way that so many women of course would and we talked about the fact that attraction and such flirting does not feel as good to women as it does to a man even though they continue to smile and act at the time as though it does and then later so many men find out they had misread the person. So I told him that that is the way it is in the universe, that what you dream you do attract, but when going through the door to understanding the true intention of heart you can be spitefully used in a manner that does not seem fair, but actually it is a gift from SPIRIT to get you to learn the subtle signs that she may have a poker face and is planning to use it against you after the fact, or that she was raised to believe it is shameful and that does not feel good. So it is very important to learn to recognize when it is your dream coming to you or it is a lesson coming to you to do you good in the end. I mean, in my experience of looking for life and love I have been manipulated an used in a manner that if it was the other way around the world would find me to have abused the law and beliefs of the world to take advantage so really what is being forced on so many right now is a manipulation but the SPIRIT has a reason for all of it as will be shown. I mean it is not true that so many men are evil and women are not, but the way a woman is brought up compared to a man makes it so that the allowances that men give to women such as opening doors and giving them the benefit of the doubt perhaps being treated like a lady and what Jesus said about loving her is not about the masses of women as we would never trust men in the way we are taught to treat women, but perhaps it is that women will also have to earn that respect and not rely on appearances for their righteousness as much as it is because in my experience I have been used and misused by many while trying to learn from having a true intention of heart. And the judgments against men seem to be like a hate, while passion makes a man see a woman even when she is a snake and a whore much better than she would see him. So I don't think those hating men have won anything as the tables are turning and the hidden things of the heart which are counted upon by those pulling the wool over everyone's eyes are to be revealed and those seemingly righteous according to the appearances and interpretations of the world will be revealed to be haters and manipulators as anyone without true intent toward SPIRIT are.

I began the passion to reach Americans about the coming fire such as Jesus spoke that he wished it was already kindled in his time, but they cannot see the message past their own interpretations about rejecting every man that does not match their ideals that were not given them from SPIRIT,,, therefore they would have rejected Jesus especially if they knew what was washed from the story in history that caused so many to be fed to lions because they learned from their lives rather than worshiping the interpretations of the snake and the woman that is not all men and not all women.


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