Friday, February 15, 2019

Coercion and the National Emergency


Dictionary result for coercion

  1. the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.
    synonyms:forcecompulsionconstraintduressoppressionenforcementharassmentintimidation, threats, insistencedemandarm-twistingpressure, pressurization, influence

    Such an Urgency is created in order to reach you to the heart

Anyone without true intention of heart toward the law can go around using the law in a manner it was not intended for a while, such as this national emergency.  Using the office of the president in a manner it was not intended. But what is the difference between saying soon your son will die if you do not do what I want I tell you needs to be done?  Or if like my synch last night, what if I told you that YELLOWSTONE would blow in order to reach Americans to the heart? You want an Emergency, the SPIRIT will show you how it is really done in order to reach those that remain. It will be something impossible to refute. That would be like Trump using the law not caring who he hurts, but what if the planet you have raped calls you on it, and treats the leader and his base the same way they treat those in their way? Be unto you as you do unto other's is what those doing this have been taught and "believe". That is what the storms and the synchs were saying as all was predicted. He was actually allowed to steal the office in order to reach humans to the heart. Well I tell you that these that have raped the earth and believe they "own power" let us say the 1% and lord it over those they used to get it.  I am telling you now that EVEN WHAT THEY BELIEVE THEY POSSESS WILL BE TAKEN FROM THEM. 

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