Saturday, March 09, 2019

Drop Dead synch those motivated by money over true intent

I found this prayer request walking at the lake written on a piece of paper

And then I got home and began to dream and this came on

Sending out an SOS

Message in a bottle

The problem with interpreting scripture such as religion without the process of coming to know the SPIRIT and growing in the SPIRIT is the flagrant disregard of the rule, not to add anything or subtract anything from what the SPIRIT gives. And one of the major edicts of scripture is the "SPIRIT is to lead you into all truth".
"It's time to clean house Jerry"  I heard this in a commercial so I went to look up my housecleaning synch , the Drop Dead synch and the Conspiracy against the Tree synch and all those under the hat

Also the synch with being saved from death on thanksgiving only to find "the bitch is back" and then this synch today with "toss that conniving whore back into the sewer she crawled out of." Let those that love their interpretation of hate for money take heed.

And shake out her bag too.

Read more: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view_episode_scripts.php?tv-show=the-collection-2016&episode=s01e07
Searching for this synch brought up the "Drop Dead" synchs which are related and so I will post a few of those synchs as this felt like what SPIRIT was talking about.

My problem is some of my own’s experiences are getting increasingly more difficult as they do not respond to the True intention of the Spirit through the father but keep looking for the evils and looking for someone to blame. And, it may be seen that the world itself also will increase in increasing turmoil and tribulation until they respond to the message. There is an intent to cover up what they believe is against their interpretation of what they expect but there is the increasing reality that those liars and manipulators first will begin to drop dead. (especially those motivated by money) My own family story is actually testimony to the Authority of the Spirit through the father. 

Friday, March 09, 2018

World on fire

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Position wanted Ambassadors

The word last night was Ambassadors. This is what I want for Pam and I. Like our experience in California where life gave us the opportunity to travel to wonderful sanctuaries to pick up the synchs that led to all the predictions Pam and I would like to be sponsored somehow to travel both in the states and internationally to continue this but in a direction for those that want good to come out of all this. It is plain that the synchs revealed that those under the hat such as the Christian Church in America that backs Trump were to be reached by the synchs eventually and the Bubble Net is designed to reach all these to the heart that love ideology via interpretations of men. Looking for a sponsor via some like minded group. We have our own home and income but it does not allow us to travel and experience all we need to as we would like to continue the synchs in a more positive direction by co-creating with like minded people. As those who have actually taken the time to see what the synchs are saying nothing is going to go the way the interpretations believe and we have a magnificent opportunity to influence the world to come. So those actually following the synchs that might see a mutual intent here I intend that we synergize in great way! steven@stephentree.com

Pam needs to be jolted out into such fresh experience to keep her MS at bay also.


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