Saturday, June 29, 2019

The division was created to create the Sorrow that will bring us back together

The Sorrow Brought us all Together

It is the JOY that came through the sorrow when I allowed my heart to be reached.  The people are crass and divided, a little sorrow is what is coming and for those with true intent who suffer reaching for the SPIRIT this will cause more REAL LIFE and JOY from seeing how they also are seen. Humans are separate from reality because of their beliefs that fill the cup allowing no room for SPIRIT, therefore nature suffers because of her, therefore this time where the whole world will see at once what is to come. One needs to share in that sorrow spoken of of those who went before us and after seeing what is separating you will see the simplicity of living in the SPIRIT. Like the JOY of those without shame after the veil is torn. Would you not suffer a pin prick, a similitude of the cross knowing it would give you new eyes to see even as you are seen.

During those years and even today the memory of allowing YOU to reach me to the heart fills me with such joy.

Love songs speak of that reality where there is only YOU and I, that is the original poetry of sides such as us and them, democrats and republicans. There was a temple with a veil between the two rooms and there is male and female, each different but joined in the same manner as everything is in the universe. even though we seem to be US and them or male and female or democrat and republican,,,, there really has always only been YOU and I. You can see yourself and SPIRIT as the first temple of YOU and I and the veil separating the two.

Here now listen to this love song as the storms that are pervasive many around the world are seeing as the separation between YOU and I in America.

Etta James - Stormy Weather

Etta Jones Misty Blue

If you can see the SPIRIT of only YOU and I Listen to each song from that perspective and you will see the simplicity of the SPIRIT and what is dividing us.

MistyBlue/Wilderness/DNA/Journey Perfect example of a single day with YOU/MY LIFE and the synch of the day. Many other synchs with friends 1997
http://www.stephentree.com/audio/mistyblue2.mp3 Very Cute Video

YOU want to know why the storms are here, why the division is here

Well let my broken heart tell you

Rain by Madonna


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Everybody is wrong, everybody followed an interpretation and overlooked the smallest of points which is the SPIRIT will lead you into all TRUTH. But there are those that love the interpretation that is not of love that allows them to judge others and use the law in a manner it was not intended. But these believing themselves first will be last when the wave of the SPIRIT passes over.


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