Wednesday, June 19, 2019

42 Months

I had been having the synch with 42 months for some time but did not feel it was mature enough to post though I had begun to post it once. But then the synchs with my birthday, July 19th and with July 17th and the 20th began to occur and those are the dates surrounding the 42 month synch.

This link calculates the day that Trump will have been spewing for 42 months
July 20th 2020

5The beast was given a mouth to speak arrogant and blasphemous words, and authority to act for forty-two months. 

I also began having synchs with the summer of 1969 such as the movie "A Walk on the Moon" and then this morning a guest on CBS this morning spoke of  her birthday July 17th 1969.

If July of 2020 proves significant as the synch is showing and such an EVENT occurs that means the 42 month synch means something then it is the utmost importance to discontinue the path we find ourselves upon by "being led by the SPIRIT into truth rather than following a leader" because of the smallest of points overlooked by smart people and such things as interpretations and ideologies what is coming is horribly detrimental to humans.

Trump deferment 1969 also came up today

This is not a threat, it is a prediction based on synchs meant to warn Americans as all the predictions were.

to be continued.....

If I could find one instance of love from my past I would continue my 30 yr passion to reach certain people but I have left the struggle and the SPIRIT says they must reach there first and then I will know their true intent. For 30 yrs I said what the SPIRIT said that if I could not reach you that I must break your heart. The lie of religion is related to the fact that one would have allowed the SPIRIT to break their heart in order to understand what was really going on and what was suffered by those who went before us. NO ONE has done this and no one has followed the SPIRIT which is the narrow path, all have taken the wide path interpreting what was meant to lead to SPIRIT and wonder. And so it is that none of these loved me enough to know me.

This is the lie of the christian right, that they worship their interpretation that they don't realize this was expected. They show for each other but would not suffer to know why "you would be hated above all men", in fact it was these whom have bypassed the SPIRIT and interpreted that Jesus spoke that "they would hate you". Because of their interpretation which is their idol. So it was that these would follow a lie and lead their countrymen to desolation revealing their hearts. This is where we are at.

Manna and the Song of Solomon,, do not fill the cup seek the SPIRIT with all your heart to open your eyes.


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