Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Sitting here feeling the energy of this July 4th. And 8:29AM CT

I am sitting here tonight wanting to feel what if anything will happen during the Jul 4th Parade and what just popped in was the controversy over the differences in this American Parade and what they mean. Tightening of the Noose came to mind. Does that mean around the people as in slowly becoming more controlling, more like a dictator parade. Or could it be the feeling that those Generals outwardly made to appear as though they side with Trump about this parade as they are made to stand next to him. So I also feel "What are the True Intentions of the Heart of these leaders. How can it be to make America Great Again when it is so divisive, how can this nation even stand much longer with such separation? Well it can't and being made to do so means..... "This would not be American anymore."

The division in society is the mechanism that will draw even nature to respond!

Perhaps Sorrow will bring the JOY that is missing

Edit July 4th Morning Feeling of many very exciting Independence Day Celebrations in spite of Trumps rally in DC
8:29 AM CT July 4th
So it would be great if the SPIRIT of INDEPENDENCE DAY be carried out in such a way that we don't have to put up with a Trump spectacle but rather it gets rained out and real passion for those he is against be shown as a great celebration such as San Francisco,,, that would be nature speaking through the passion of those rejected by this administration.

8:50AM CT
If this is about Trump and not representing all Americans then it would be fitting for nature to dampen it and to allow real celebration where all Americans are represented.

Also women beating pots and pans such as in Turkey this week saying they appose the power grab. At the close of ww1 they women beat pots and pans in the streets in celebration. I see that this could be a symbol to reach Americans about what they have overlooked and the leaders.

"The Third Step" I have been having this about tripping on the third step. Will it be with North Korea or on th steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
9:03AM CT
Tanks and Missiles are nothing compared to what the SPIRIT can do with the smallest of points overlooked. What you cannot see in the future changes everything while tanks just divide more. SPIRITUAL POWER comes by allowing the SPIRIT.

LINK July 4th 2005

The Passion to Melt the Veil 
Separating “YOU and I” on this planet 
Let this come only as a fire in your heart 

fire from the sky syncs july 4th 2005 


You know me, and I know you 

Would that you would come down and tickle 

The THORNY BUSH Judges 9:8-15 

And set the captives free 

1:35 PM CT

3:30 PM CT
Pam began watching Netflix The Last Czars
So I felt that I should look up the synch about the American Czar and that led to the synch with July 7th

Friday, July 07, 2017

Czar Trump

The way the Czar was out of touch with the people and how he treated the protesters was a clear synch about Trump and how he will be changing tactics. Synch with Smithsonian Channel related to his out of touch nature and lies and history repeats itself.



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